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Two solenoids upholstered complete with Velcro band. The band was created in order to be conveniently located on either side of the clavicle doing so that the two solenoids in the front and back of the shoulder. Code: 02120 S Size: 60 x 20-10 cm Qty / Pack: 1 pcs


The low-frequency magnetotherapy consists in applying, by means of a crossed by an electric current button (that is composed exclusively of half-waves of the same sign), an electromagnetic field. Its action takes place at the cellular level, creating a micro inside each cell that facilitates the elimination of metabolic wastes, it is useful as part of a large series, especially where the tissues are more rich in water. In particular, the magnet is used, for the treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis, asthma, muscular atrophy, headaches, sprains, fractures, osteoarthropathy and prostatitis.

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