Spare set of contact springs 4pz

Spare set of contact springs 4pz


Spare set of contact springs for tattoo machine reel.

It consists of 4 springs, 2 front and 2 rear, different, to allow more settings of your machine, both liner shader configuration.

Features of the contact springs

The springs that make this kit are:

- Small rear spring - measures: 30mm length, 17mm width

- Large rear spring - measures: length 33mm, width 16mm

- Small front spring - measures: 35mm length, 12mm width

- Large front spring - measures: 43mm length, 12.5mm width

Setting the machine with the contact springs

The tattoo machines generally are divided into macchintte by line, by shading or fill. What mainly makes them different is the speed (sweep frequency). Usually a line from the machine is faster and has an abutment around the frequency 120/140 Hz, a gradient around the 110/120 Hz, a color around the 100/110 Hz.

Changing the size of the springs we can go and change just that parameter of our maker. By replacing, for example, the front spring with a short tongue would get more from the speed, or a higher sweep rate.

In general:

with a shorter spring you get more speed
with a longer spring is obtained a lower speed
with a larger spring is obtained a greater speed
with a closer spring is obtained a lower speed
with a thicker spring you get more speed
with a thinner spring is obtained a lower speed

But be careful because even the corner stamped with the tab of the front spring contact will impact on this parameter and also on the output of needle length.

Always work to the maximum with our spare parts and accessories for tattoo machines. If you need assistance or replacement of a piece you can contact us and ask for a free quote.

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