Plaque infrared INFRA LIGHT

Plaque infrared INFRA LIGHT

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Plaque infrared body for INFRA LIGHT with two clips to attach 2 electrodes.

Note: the 4 clips model is discontinue


Plaque infrared body for INFRA LIGHT


Lipo Infralight
Infrared - Electrolipolysis - Electro Remodeling

The infrared photobiological emission across all layers of the epidermis without intaccarli. In fact, thanks to a particular wavelength, very selective, the radiation photobiological gives off heat only when it reaches the adipose layer increasing the temperature and then the enzyme activity that favors the local lipolysis, splitting the triglycerides of deposit into fatty acids and glycerol, that they are entered into the bloodstream to be metabolized and consumed as an energy source FROM contractile muscle.

At this point, the electro-Electrolipolysis, which in addition to enhancing the lipolytic effect through a mechanism elettrolipoforetico (mobilization of fatty acids from adipose tissue to the circle lympho-blood due to a difference in electrical potential) causes minor muscle contractions , mainly dependent of red muscle fibers that use fatty acids to take power for their contraction, metabolizzandoli into energy, carbon dioxide and water.

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