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The Bowie Dick Test Pack consists of:
one outer ply of medical paper printed with chemical color change indicator for steam cycles.
Inside the package consists of two filter layers made with virgin paper medical grade, at whose center is positioned the chemical indicator for BD tests, all stopped by a strapping that ensures a constant compactness entire interior package , allowing the correct vapor permeation through the pores of the paper itself and not by the potential cracks that would be formed between the individual sheets that compose it.
All material is virgin and suitable for medical use.

The inner sheet has unique characteristics for its own composition:
the dimensions are cm. 12,5x23, and is divided into two parts.

A properly used for the specific daily Bowie Dick test is laminated, showing the chemical indicator sensitive to temperature, time and steam Saturated; the other half of the said sheet is occupied by the storage adapter showing the spaces suitable for compilation by the operator.

The advantages resulting from the above described are easily deducible:
the sheet presents folded back on itself, with the exact dimensions of the parcel.
Performing the test, the package is opened and the sheet is extracted, that once stretched for the entirety of its length, allows immediate verification of the result, and the easy and complete filling of the storehouse space for the storage of data.

The test must be carried out daily on power of the autoclave by means of a parcel in teleria that has the dimensions and the characteristics provided for by the current regulations, the center of which it is placed the test sheet BOWIE DICK.
The mode of execution of the test are 210 seconds at a temperature of 134gradiC. (X 3,5minuti 134gradiC).
Manufactured with the highest quality medical paper.

Failed tests:
The non-uniform color indicates the presence of air bubbles or other problems to the autoclave.
Repeat the test and / or require the technical intervention.

Test carried out properly:
The uniform black color shows a complete and regular penetration of the saturated steam, which means a normal autoclave operation and that the test was performed successfully.

Ref. Norm. CLASS 2; EN 867-4, EN ISO 11140-1
disposable packaging.

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