Sterile speculum with side screw
Sterile speculum with side screw
Sterile speculum with side screw
Sterile speculum with side screw

Sterile speculum with side screw

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The speculum is a medical device used to maintain an open orifice, in this case the vagina, so as to allow the carrying out of analysis or medical operations.

The sterile speculum with side screw has been realized with fully contoured. The screw allows a gradual opening and, because it reflects the old Speculum CUSCO, no changes to the operating method of the doctor.
- The low temperature of the metal speculum, on impact with "vulva" can cause violent contractions, and any cysts can break. The vulva has a temperature of 1.1 ° C warmer than that of the body.
- The plastic, for its intrinsic characteristic, maintains a temperature of approximately 1 + 2 ° C higher than the ambient temperature and being more elastic steel reduces vaginal contractions.
- It 'transparent and with the lighting allows you to see inside the vaginal walls.
- In diatermocoagulazioni does not transmit heat and / or electric shock when the electric scalpel hits the Speculum.
- In surgery, generally, there are no autoclaves, hence the advantage of sterile and disposable product packaging.
- Nell 'use individually packaged products, sterile and disposable, the doctor takes a' more professional image.
- L 'opening of' Spec's Hospital is among the largest ca. 60 ° against the ca. 45 ° of the others on the market.
- The beaks are long approximately 10% more than other similar products on the market.
- The opening section, from where the visit takes place (observation section facing towards the outside) is one of the widest, oval from about - 1419 sq mm. against about 1200 sq mm. the like products (about 18% more).
- The disposable vaginal speculum is made from non-toxic plastic, atactic and transparent
- PHTHALATES: The production material of the devices does not contain phthalates.
- LATEX FREE: The production material and primary and secondary packaging are latex - - Raw material: Styrofoam / Polystyrene
- Color: Transparent
- Weight: mis. Big 40 gr. mis. Small 38 gr. mis. Media 39 gr.
- Measurements: mis. Large diameter (DIA) 36 mm mis. Small Ø (Diameter) 20 mm. mis. Average diameter (DIA) 28 mm.
STERILIZATION: In autoclave by ethylene oxide according to a validated cycle.


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