Bib polythene blue 33x45, conf. 500pz View larger

Bib polythene blue 33x45, conf. 500pz



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Swab rectangular laminated paper to protect the patient or of the surfaces.

Features of the bib blue polythene 33x45

individually folded rectangular wipes consist of a layer of pure cellulose paper and a layer of polythene coupled together. This allows the absorption of liquids while ensuring waterproofness.

Color: Light Blue;
Dimensions: 33 x 45 mm;
Packaging: 500 pieces.

Medical Device Class I

Tips use of polythene Bib

This product was born from dentistry to protect the patient's chest, lying in the dental chair, from splashes of water and physiological fluids. In fact, fastened around the neck with the aid of a chain, it is transformed into a perfect bib able to capture the liquid and simultaneously seal the area on which it is resting. It is also used for the protection of the shelves on which to build the turbines or other work tools.

The same utility is found in other areas such as in that of tattoos and permanent make up.


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