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Color Eternal Ink E39 Nuklear Green

Color Eternal Ink E39 Nuklear Green 30ml

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Color Eternal Ink E39 Nuklear Green

It is a Standard Color color that enclosed the main Eternal Ink tattoo colors. They are the main range of inks created in the United States by the American company, which contain a large variety of intense and indispensable colors.

Ink type green for tattoos

Eternal Ink Inks

Innovation, Experience and Variety - These are the keywords when it comes to describing the true profession and efficiency.
The Eternal brand has always worked with many tattoo artists to improve the range of products in every respect.

Their goal has always been to combine all the skills and knowledge in the tattoo industry with technical know-how to take advantage of the best tattoo ink on the market.

The names of the famous artists with whom they have always worked are many, including: Mike DeVries, Liz Cook and Marshall Bennett, award-winning artists such as Rember Orellana or international virtuoso as Andrea Afferni and Jess Yen.

Reliability and controls

Eternal Ink colors guarantee the following requirements:

No animal tests and 100% natural ingredients

No artificial preservatives.

No carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to reproduction.

Sterilized product with gamma ray treatment.

Absence of Heavy Metals tested by renowned European laboratories


ETERNAL INKs are COLORS FOR TATUAGGIs we always sold with SDS (Safety Data Sheets) and Toxicity Certificates in Italian as well as a European Chemical Certification of Pigment Chemistry (CTL) demonstrating the absence of the famous AROMATIC AMMINE. These Eternal Ink are sterilized in Europe (the US market does not require mandatory sterilization for this product, so the numerous parallel imports that occur on our territory could introduce non-conforming goods).

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