Plumping OXYSERUM - vials of emulsion additive to hyaluronic acid for oxygen therapy



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Vials made of hyaluronic acid consisting of nano molecules, ensure maximum penetration of the active principles.
Packaging: 6 + 6 vials lyophilized to be mixed

Serum rich in hyaluronic acid high and low molecular weight with remarkable moisturizing and emollient properties. With rich formulation nano-molecules of hyaluronic acid, we can get clear "plumping" effect on areas of the face. In fact, thanks to the special composition of whey we can have a stronger subcutaneous hydration simultaneously with a visible effect wetting and smoothing of wrinkles.
The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen treatments are clearly visible from the first sessions. The most impressive results can be observed on areas of the face, neck, décolleté and hands. A constant subjection to treatment favors the most lasting results.

For more info about the active ingredients see the details ...

Add the liquid additive to the dry powder, shake until a homogeneous solution and apply depending on the treatment, even in small doses. The additive emulsion vials of hyaluronic acid can be used for all facials where it is necessary to go to deeply nourish and replenish the skin tissue. It can make the most of their veicolandole effect with an oxygen concentrator or a veicolatore transdermal (electroporator). They are also applicable to the more traditional methods such as masks and bandages.

Recommended for infusions Oxygen

CAUTION: Once prepared the mixture by mixing the additive and the freeze-dried, use it totally within 10-15gg.

More details

HYALURONIC ACID high molecular weight = dimethylsilanol hyaluronate

(Particular chemical form of hyaluronic acid which makes it more available and effective)

It 'a Glicosaminglicano not sulphide with a very high molecular weight and a water holding capacity that no other compound is able to equalize. The hyaluronic acid for its high molecular weight, is not able to penetrate the skin, but is distributed to the surface of the horny layer, forming a thin film hydrolipidic permeable. In fact, after application of the cream, the skin, part of the water, proper to the external phase of the emulsion, evaporates and allows the formation of a thin film capable of retaining a large amount of water on the surface of the epidermis. Hyaluronic acid plays, therefore, an effective humectant and moisturizer of the stratum corneum, also limiting the excessive leakage of water through transpiration. Hyaluronic acid, also, thanks to the hydro-elastic film formed on the surface of the skin, also performs a smoothing effect which can temporarily reduce the evidence of the skin microrelief and microwrinkles of expression.

Thanks to the properties listed above hyaluronic acid also enters in the formulation of prescription drugs on prescription, mouthwashes, eye drops.

Topical application of hyaluronic acid allows, in fact, re-create the ideal physiological environment for the cells of the skin, that is, to restore and maintain a youthful skin conditions, for optimum cellular function. It also allows to compensate for the decreased concentration of this component in the skin, in order to revitalize giving again the proper hydration. The application of hyaluronic acid in young skin helps to prevent aging of the skin and ensures the right level of hydration
Thereby ensuring daily maintenance of the correct humidity level, slowing down so the physiological process of water evaporation. This wetting action influences the mechanical properties of the skin which becomes more flexible and elastic. The film-forming action exerted by hyaluronic acid to moisturize allows large areas of skin with a 'prolonged action.


HYALURONIC ACID low molecular weight (hialuronic acid)

The product is enriched in the valuable oligo has, a hyaluronic acid with a very low molecular weight (1000-3000 daltons) able to penetrate the skin and perform the functions from the inside of the hyaluronic acid. This specific molecular weight allows easy absorption by the epidermis, so equilibrarne hydration and improve the stability of the skin. This improves the cohesion of the cells and the barrier effect of the skin. In addition, thanks to its valuable properties humectants, Hyaluronic acid retains moisture in the skin through a function of "water tank" in the dermis. The synergy of the two hyaluronic acids with different molecular weight maximizes the incredible benefits on the skin.


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