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Derma care strip - pre-cut tattoo protective film



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Protective film for tattoo care, Made in Italy certified

Contains iodine which has a disinfectant power

Description of Derma care strip

Thanks to our protective solution, getting a tattoo today is no longer a problem of: seasonality, work activities and contracting possible infections during the various activities of daily life.

Even in the hours immediately following the realization of the tattoo it will no longer be a problem to shower, travel or stay in particularly dusty places, go to the pool or the beach * and there will no longer be the risk of dirtying clothes with creams, or having to worry to anoint the tattooed area every 4/6 hours.

Derma Care Strip is the fastest and most effective solution for the protection and care of every tattoo even at home. It is a sterile, flexible and stretchable film that can be applied in any position of the body remaining adherent for several days.

Produced by an Italian laboratory, it ensures maximum effectiveness and hygiene while respecting the most stringent European regulations.

Features :

sterile 15x10cm films

Contains Iodine

The package contains 6 pieces wrapped individually

Why use Derma care

Derma care is a thin self-adhesive film that creates an ideal healing environment during the initial healing phase (the most critical) of a tattoo wound.

It protects the new tattoo from friction and also from contaminating pathogens creating an impermeable anti-bacterial barrier.

Unlike the classic food film, Derma Care is breathable and in fact allows the entry of oxygen and the escape of excess moisture while maintaining a healthy and balanced healing environment.

Unlike other more famous films, Derma Care strip is in a 6-piece sterile package (instead of 5pcs non-sterile)

Thanks to the protective film Derma Care we found:

- reduction of scab formation

- reduction of the risk of infection

- absence of rubbing from clothes

- tattoos healed impeccably.

Derma care the 3 versions are provided:

Derma Care Strip - 10x15cm films

Derma Care Strip iodine - 10x15cm films

Derma Care Roll - 15cm x 10m roll


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