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Taffy microblading blades 4a, short and thin hairs



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Blades for microblading Taffy for short and thin hairs 4a

Description of the Taffy microblading blades 4a

These wonderful microwaving blades from the Szwedo Group are the result of laboratory research and decades of manual pigmentation experience. They are made of a series of steel micro-needles, assembled and bonded together in a flat and orderly manner. This, thanks to the technology invented by the Szwedo Group, allows to put a precise amount of pigment on an appropriate depth of skin. Their patented structure makes it possible to create hairs of various shapes, thickness and length in an appropriate manner to the skin type, hair color, pigment color and the desired effect. The reconstruction of the eyebrows with TAFFY blades is fast and does not cause severe irritation or skin swelling. A few days after the treatment the epidermis exfoliates evenly and the pigment stabilizes in the tissue. There are 9 different sizes of blades available.

WARNING: these needles are very performing and "cut" much more easily than those commonly on the market.

N.B. the images were made using used blades.

Characteristics of Microblading Blades 4a

These types of blades have both indicated characteristics for:

thin hair

game short

  thin eyebrows

and their elasticity is ideal for hard skin, firm and compact skin

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The blades are sold in packs of 2

Tips for using microblading blades

In order to obtain defined and lasting hairs, the blade must be carried out in such a way that all the needles have simultaneous contact with the skin.

By applying different types of blades, we can obtain different pigment intensities.


Stainless steel needles for permanent make-up for professional use, sterile and non-pyrogenic.
For single use only.
Throw after use.
Do not use if the individual package is damaged.
Keep in a dry place at room temperature, protect from sunlight.

Used needles may be contaminated. Disposal must be carried out in accordance with the country / factory guidelines.
The product meets the requirements of the law of 12.12.2003 on general product safety
(Dz.U. no 229, p. 2275 with modifications).

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We have patented innovative devices for permanent make-up: microblading TAFFY - a manual technique that allows you to get a realistic eyebrow shape by doing them hair by hair. It also allows for safe pigmentation on the eyelids.

TSP ODED - an electrical device that allows you to apply more pigment than normal dermographs, increasing pigmentation quality and reducing not only treatment time but also pain.

We organize a complete and individual training on pigmentation.

We offer customer service and professional advice.

We all have quality certifications and technical approval certificates for using our devices in beauty salons and medical studios. Since 2015 our company is part of ESTP (European Society of Tattoo and Pigment Research). ESTP is a science company inaugurated in Copenhagen in 2013.


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