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Metal floor lamp complete with automatic dispenser and gel



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Metal stand for sanitizing gel, complete with automatic dispenser with photocell and 5lt can of sanitizing gel

Metal floor lamp complete with automatic dispenser and gel

Metal stand painted with gray epoxy powder.

Equipped with a metal drip saucer, removable and washable separately.

Despite being completely metal, it is very light to move, therefore also suitable for not particularly large rooms. Its wide and stable base makes it well balanced even under full load.

It is accompanied by:

- Automatic dispenser for hand gel, with 1.2 LT filling tray. Operated with photocell, battery powered.

5lt can of sanitizing gel



     1) material: iron

     3) finish: RAL 7035 smooth gray paint

     4) Dimensions: H1647 x P400 x L300mm


     1) material: ABS

     3) capacity: 1200ml

     4) Dimensions: H260 x P125 x L107mm

     5) Drive: infrared sensor

     6) Power supply: rechargeable DC5V batteries

For those who recommend the sanitizing stand with dispenser

This simple and linear metal floor lamp adapts to any type of environment, from the doctor's office to the shopping center. It is recommended for any type of activity that provides access to the public but above all for activities most at risk of infections due to the physical contact necessary for the work carried out such as: dental practice, beauty center, hairdresser shop, tattoo studio, barber shop, physiotherapy, clinic, etc ...

The DECREE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS of 26 April 2020, to prevent the spread of covid-19, recommends making available hydroalcoholic solutions for hand washing in all public places.


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