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specific equipment for hyperbaric oxygen treatments facial therapy and body.


The oxygen concentrator is an apparatus capable of continuously delivering oxygen without the use of pressurized gas cylinders. For this reason it is allowed to use this equipment even in enclosed spaces such as cabins of beauty centers.

In fact, thanks to a particular mechanical process, is able to extract nitrogen from the air of the room to inhale and then to 95% oxygen through an airbrush. Used in conjunction with TerraMare specific products it is able to perform non-invasive cosmetic treatments surprising results.

Airbrush supplied

Technical features

- Airbrush with tank sera

- Rubber hose 2m

Dimensions: 62x35x40cm

Specifications: see details

Tips on use

By using the oxygen concentrator with the products and the Earthsea sera for hyperbaric oxygen, we can go to treat both face and body, carrying out targeted protocols to combat various types of skin problems. The products used in synergy with oxygen have been developed entirely with natural ingredients and natural preservatives. This delicate and never invasive method is used for: - reduction of wrinkles; - Reducing acne; - Attenuation of rosacea; - Reduction of skin imperfections; - Treating asphyxiated skins; - Firming the skin; - Improvement of cellulite; - Localized fat reduction; - Stimulation of collagen production; - Stimulation of the production of elastin; - Disinfection of the skin; - Prevention of wrinkles; - Regulation of production of sebum; - Prevention of the fat.

More details

The oxygen concentrator is a device used to provide oxygen therapy to a patient at concentrations substantially higher than those available for the ambient air quality. They are used as a source more secure, less expensive, and cheaper alternative to tanks of compressed oxygen. Oxygen concentrators are also used to provide a cheap source of oxygen in industrial processes. The oxygen concentrator is capable of continuous delivery of oxygen and has an internal mechanism based on two cylinders, filled with a zeolite material, which selectively absorbs the nitrogen in the air. In each cycle, the air flows through a cylinder at a pressure of about 20 lbf / in ² (138 kPa, or 1.36 atmospheres), and in that nitrogen molecules are captured by the zeolite, while the other cylinder, is riespulsa out at atmospheric pressure environment that allows the release of nitrogen to dissipate. Standard units have cycles of about 20 seconds, and allow a constant supply of oxygen at a flow rate of up to about five liters per minute (LPM) at concentrations from 50 to 95%. This process is called pressure swing absorption (PSA).



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