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Digital thermoscanner - automatic temperature measurement



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Intelligent identification system for body temperature measurement with double chamber.

European certification

With the reopening of work activities, it will be necessary to measure body temperature at the entrance of all companies, public and private, to protect employees and all people in general.

This fully automatic intelligent identification system for body temperature measurement with double chamber is proposed for this purpose.
At the moment we cannot guarantee availability for everyone, given the difficulty of international transport, this is why we ask those interested to contact us as soon as possible, to book the product, which will be available close to the reopening.
We remind you that the product is 50% deductible in the attached description and price list.

Description of the digital thermoscanner - automatic temperature measurement

The thermo scanner is an innovative digital device capable of instantly detecting the temperature of each individual passing in front of them without the need for human intervention. It can be used to give visitors access to public or private offices, companies, shopping centers, airports, and all those places with a continuous influx of people.

Once a temperature has been set, the Termoscanner will display a green light, associated with a predefined sound, for each person who has a temperature below it; and a red light with another predefined sound for each person with a temperature equal to or higher than the set temperature. It is also able (by design) to interface with gates / turnstiles / accesses.

The Termoscanner features are:

 Integrated dual light temperature measurement

 Version with identification of the single person (no flow of people "crowd")

 Recognition capacity: 30 people per min


=>  Watch the video presentation here



Detection capability of the thermoscanner

The response on the temperature measurement of the Termoscanner is quick (0.3s), the facial recognition automatically measures the temperature when the person is within 0.5 m-1.2 m.

The temperature measurement result is stable, with an accuracy of +/- 0.3 degrees, width of the temperature measuring surface 1m.

Identification of the temperature of people who wear glasses and masks

Small size, easy to install, ready to use


Strengths of Termoscanner

 Ready-to-use solution, it does not require additional installation costs if not the connection to the mains

 No need for dedicated staff to control the measured temperature (acoustic signal)

 Possibility of connection to access control / gates (on project)

 No need for calibration like most other solutions

 Better accuracy than other systems (+/- 0.3)

 Small size, ready to use, easy to install

Technical assistance and warranty

Depending on the contract stipulated, it is possible to obtain remote technical assistance from Monday to Friday according to pre-established terms.

 The warranty is 1 year from the date of supply. The hardware under warranty will be fully repaired and / or replaced, at the discretion of the assistance department.

Why Termoscanner is useful and cheap

The Thermo Scanner is an apparently expensive device but we must consider the fact that it works in complete autonomy and does the job for which at least two people equipped with laser gun thermometers would be needed.


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