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Thermo wraparound blanket with three separate sectors

Features of the wrapping electric blanket

It is the ideal product for wellness treatments in the cabin.

It has been designed to wrap the whole body, excluding the head, and thus activate the circulation that allows to better convey masks and body wraps. It is subdivided into 3 independent areas (sectors) that can be set separately by means of 3 controllers that independently manage both the temperature and the time of access of each area.

It is equipped with side Velcro closure.

Thermo-conductive structure in COPPER (PATENTED)

Dimensions: 160x170cm

Made in Italy

Advantages of the T-controller in the electric blanket

Thanks to the new management system of the Tcontroller sectors we are able to manage the temperatures better and more precisely and to have both energy savings and a greater degree of safety.

In fact this controller is able to:

- Adjust the temperature level

- program a timer from 10 to 60 minutes

- program manual shutdown

- have an automatic safety shut-off after 4 hours

- have an audible alarm.

More details

Thermo-conductive structure in COPPER (PATENTED)

This innovative and patented system allows to obtain a homogeneous and constant heat distribution over the entire surface compared to a traditional electric blanket.

The heating part consists of a resistance fixed on a layer of fabric whose area is completely covered by a THERMOCHONDUCTIVE STRUCTURE.

Resistance can not inevitably cover the entire area of ​​the electric blanket, thus causing non-homogeneous heating. Thanks to the thick thermo-conductive structure, which covers the entire area of ​​the electric blanket, the heat is homogeneously distributed over the entire surface. The heat emitted by the electric blanket is in fact uniformly transmitted to the surface of the tire and up to the rim of the wheel thanks to the thermo-conductive structure, thus avoiding a "leopard spot" heating.


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