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The tattoo machine intelligent, powerful and accurate for micropigmentation aesthetics and para-medical.

INTELLIDERM compiuterizzata is an equipment able to facilitate and simplify the work of operators of semi-permanent make-up and / or paramedics who use it. In fact you can select up to 4 areas of pre-programmed according to their own parameters work, put together two dermografi and, via its LCD digital display, you can always display the elapsed time during treatment and needle sweep rate.

Features of the digital tattoo machine INTELLIDERM

This modern digital equipment for permanent make up is sold in a kit including: dermographer stinger, Digital Station Intelliderm, AC / DC power adapter, Pedal, handpiece aluminum.


Display: Digital

Programs: 4 pre-selectable

Functions: Work time, total time, operation with foot pedal or manual speed setting dermographer (80-180 beats per second), choosing the tattoo machine.

Inputs: 1 x power supply, 2 x mini jack dermographer, 1 x RCA pedal

Weight: 1.5 KG

Structure: Aluminum

Dimensions: 35 mm h 285x180x

The tattoo machine STINGER:

Weight: 75gr

Dimensions: 135 x 20 mm

Needles attack: a cartridge (tips) diameter of 7mm

Engine: Sweden 11,000 rev / min

Warranty: 1 year

Details and recommendations for use on digital tattoo machine INTELLIDERM

Due to the high number of needle strokes per second, digital dermographer Intelliderm turns out to be so powerful and precise, perfectly suited to the type of medical treatments, such as areola breast reconstruction, the camouflage of scars, skin repigmentation and other applications.

The tattoo machine employs a new generation cartridge system (2 in 1), so that the needles and the heads are in one piece. With this system you will not need to buy separately the needles and the test leads and the assembly will be easier and faster.

The cartridges are sealed and protected to prevent the pigment worked contaminate the interior dermographer. This machine for digital micropigmentation facilitates the application of permanent make-up in a more versatile and simple, and gives greater guarantees of safety and hygiene, since the cartridge system minimizes the potential risk to a misuse or to a cross-contamination .

With Intelliderm you can select the digital panel according to the area you want micropigmentare (eyes, lips, eyebrows, breast areolas, etc.), and to adapt its performance to that area, so that the result will always be the greatest. E 'can make the most of this system by inserting 2 dermografi simultaneously on the two inputs of the digital station and dedicate them to two different tasks. For example you could set up a tattoo machine to work on the lines, and one on the nuances. In this way it speeds still more work optimizing the dead time, ie, those that are needed to replace the cartridges and vary the speed settings and needle excursion.


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