Free shipping is an incentive to purchase by P.Service srl.

The free shipping will be automatically applied to the cart with an amount exceeding € 150.00 (excluding VAT) that meets at least one of the following requirements:

1) Contain at least 5 cosmetic products branded TM (TerraMare) and total amount exceeding € 150.00 (VAT excluded)

2) Contain at least 10 KB or KN brand products and total of more than € 150.00 + VAT

The free shipping will no longer be applied if only one of the following requirements is present in the cart:

3) Contain large items (cots, equipment, trolleys, etc.)

4) Containing too many medium-sized items (steps, stools, industrial reels, sheets, etc.)


How to guarantee free shipping

To make sure you can get the free shipping proceed as follows:

a) Add items corresponding to requirement 1 or requirement 2 to the cart

b) Now insert the other items of interest until the minimum amount of € 150.00 (VAT excluded) is reached, avoiding the items indicated in point 3

c) If you enter too many medium-sized items the free shipping will disappear and in its place will be highlighted the normal shipping cost. At that point, if not extremely necessary, you can decrease the quantities of some of these items directly from the cart until you get free shipping.

The cart is updated automatically each time you insert an article so it is very easy to check if you are in the parameters or not of free shipping.


To find out what the TM brand products are, click here

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