The coupons offered by P.Service srl., are exclusively used for on on-line shop purchases under the terms offered at the time and who are established exclusively by P.service srl. The same company shall determine the duration, quantity, value, products that are applied and the customers who they will benefit. The company undertakes to communicate the specifications where possible, when it can not otherwise reserves the right of absolute immunity of its proposals.

To use the discount code (eg. BSPRGPQ564) the related discounts in the cart must go in "SHOPPING CART SUMMARY " and add the "VOUCHERS" space, they will be automatically applied.

The voucher can't be combined with each other nor with other types of discount.


the BLAK17 voucher is activated for the duration of the promotion, from 19 to 25 November, and allows you to receive a discount equal to 40% of the value of the cheapest product included in the cart (minimum 2 items).

To activate the discount the minimum amount of the cart must be € 70.00 VAT and transport excluded.

The voucher can be used only once.

We reward you for your REVIEWS

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Sponsor your friends by entering your name, surname and email address in the sponsorship program of your account, we will send you an email with your invitation and, automatically after registration, you will receive a voucher of € 5.00 that you can use immediately.

For each order that each of your friends will make on this site within one year of enrollment, you will receive a reward of 10% of the order and you can accumulate money to spend on your account.

The more orders your friends make, the more you accumulate an income that can be converted into a discount when you want.

What are you waiting for !!

Loyalty program

For each item purchased and paid, you will accumulate Pomegranate Beans depending on its value. You can view the amount of beans accumulated in your account under My rewards account.

When you reach at least 100 pomegranate beans, you can decide whether to turn them into a discount voucher to use on your next order or let them accumulate again.

10 Pomegranate beans are equivalent to € 1 in discount coupons.

The more you spend the more you save !!!

PLEASE LIKE and we reward you!

Just click on the blue button I like like on facebookthe facebook page on facebook that you can find on the pages of the site to accumulate 1 € of coupons (10 Pomegranate Beans) in your account.

They will automatically accumulate to your nest of Pomegranate Beans.