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vegetable oil that allows manual sliding to physiotherapy massage or beauty giving the skin softness and brightness.

Oil characteristics Massage Neutral

It 'a neutral vegetable oil specially formulated to give smoothness to any type of massage is both aesthetic and physiotherapy particularly but without leaving the skin greasy. Thanks to the active plant of azulene and chamomile essential oil, it is also perfectly suitable for sensitive skins. Its use facilitates the clutch, makes the skin soft, supple and smooth and avoids the dryness of the skin.

Its fragrance is delicate citrus.

500ml bottle.

How to use the neutral massage oil

As already said, it is a product designed specifically for favoring the massage. Its neutrality allows its application in all areas, both aesthetic and physiotherapy, adding it to the synergies of essential oils, it may also be inserted at the end of specific treatments against blemishes. Paste pure instead, it can be also used to dilute, and thus make it more fluid and flowing, other massage creams.

During the massage, in addition to transport the heat from the hands of the one who practices it to the skin of the recipient, the neutral oil, supplemented with essential oils, can also benefit from the therapeutic properties of the herbs contained, which are able to: detoxify the skin, heat, relieve pain, alleviate swelling, relax and oxygenate the skin tissue.

Active principles and INCI

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Implementing rules

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Tips on using neutral massage oil TerraMare

- For a good use of the oil it is not necessary to use a large quantity of product, simply apply a small amount on your hands and start massaging.

- Never apply directly to the skin to be massaged.

- Choosing the right synergy of essential oils to be added, the essential oil for massage can be even more important that the massage itself. Never use essential oils in its purest form, as irritating.

Preferable vegetable oils to those minerals.


More details

Implementing rules of OIL NATURAL MASSAGE

The applications of this oil from neutral massage are almost infinite, whereby, below we only suggest some treatments:

Preparation protocol: Treatment rich in natural active ingredients of sea and clay.

- Apply the SALT SCRUB on massaging the affected areas

gently with circular movements, cover with foil cartene, leave on for 15 ", remove with natural sponges.

- Spread the TERMOFANGO from the ankle to the abdomen, cover with cartene and leave in electric blanket for 30 ", removed in the shower or sponging.

- Complete with a classic emo-lymphatic massage, using the MASSAGE OIL NEUTRAL, supplemented with a few drops of SYNERGY orthodermic, eutrophic and SOOTHING.


Hydrating Facial Protocol:

- Cleanse and tone the skin of the face and neckline with CLEANSING A PHYSIOLOGICAL PH and TONING LOTION re-acidifying;

- Perform a light massage with exfoliating rotary MUD DEAD SEA and leave on for 20-30 minutes;

- Soak the sponge with hot water and dampen the hardened mud and then remove it gently with them;

- Finish with an invigorating massage using the MASSAGE OIL NEUTRAL added with 2-3 drops of SYNERGY eutrophic and 2 drops of SYNERGY LIGHTENING.


The oil has no particular properties, it allows manual sliding to the aesthetic / herbal massage makes the skin soft and velvety. However it contains small amounts of azulene and chamomile essential oil that make it suitable for delicate and sensitive skin.


Glycine soja oil
Caprylic / capric triglyceride
Chamomilla recutita oil
Fragrance / parfum


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