Well, unfortunately, despite our many efforts to eradicate them, hairs tend to grow and then grow again!

Hair physiology, as we have explained in the previous article, determines the undeniable fact that the hair grows and then grows again. But the factors that influence this event are many.

Hormonal disturbances, major perpetrators

In the woman we can distinguish two different types of pathologies related to hair regrowth: hypertrichosis and hirsutism.

Hypertrichosis, which is the hair growth alteration, is more frequent and consists of a widespread increase in hairiness in areas already normally covered with hair.ipertricosi maschile It does not depend on so-called male hormones such as testosterone, but is mostly related to race and familiarity, and so on. It can manifest itself in some moments of life such as puberty, menopause, etc., then disappear or be a permanent phenomenon. In this case any epilatory method is fine, the important thing being done by professionals, who adopt a good epilation method, always helping with particular cosmetics such as papain based retardant vials.

With the term hirsutism, in women, a condition characterized by excessive growth, in areas normally glabrous but covered with hair in males: face (cheeks, chin, upper lip), chest (areas around the nipple apex ), Abdomen, buttocks, inner thighs, navel, etc. irsutismo nella donnaWhen the increase in hair takes on a clearly male pattern and is associated with other disorders such as alterations in the cycle, increased muscle mass, altered fat deposits in typically male (abdominal) areas, also changing the tone of the voice, He talks about virilization. This is generally due to tumors that produce male hormones, especially ovaries or other diseases affecting the adrenal glands. It should also be borne in mind that hirsutism may be caused by elevated levels of androgens in the past and that, as a result, at the time of evaluation these may be normal. Summing up, while hypertrichosis is a purely quantitative problem, hirsutism, regional or widespread, has a significance in altering the amount and especially of the hair quality and is considered a true pathology.

The mocking enzyme

The relationship between androgens and problems such as seborrheic cuts, acne skin and the same hirsutism is quite well known. Often, however, it is not given the right importance by some particular enzymes such as 5-alpha reductase, which in women greatly increases hair and transforms hair into terminal hairs, while in males this same enzyme is responsible for ' Capricious androgenic alopecia, as it acts on hair hair bulbs, causing them to regression, that is, from hairy hairs first to hair and subsequently they do not grow anymore. Ironic and mockery is the action of this enzyme. Hirsutism as it has been highlighted must therefore be treated by the specialist, and for us beauty operators is a problem because regardless of the epilatory method used, it does not work or is not due. In fact, the aesthetic treatment of hemutism must act on two levels: hormonal and aesthetic.

Generally, it takes at least 6 months of treatment to judge the efficacy of drugs. When the improvement occurs, this may last for an indefinite period or the hirsutism may stabilize after an initial reduction. Hemorrhoid therapy mainly acts by inhibiting the growth of new hairs.

Aesthetic treatment is essential to eliminate the pre-existing hair. Electrocoagulation, epilation photo, wax and papain vials are the methods that allow the progressively permanent hair removal.

More than 90% of patients improve after treatment and the simultaneous use of the two methods can accelerate success, thus improving the psychic and emotional conditions of the patient suffering from hirsutism.

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