Work clothes, tips and secrets to choose the most suitable

Work clothes, tips and secrets to choose the most suitable

To choose the most suitable workwear for the job, there are small things that can simplify the search and narrow the field, saving you time and money.

It is true that every work activity has its own needs also reflected on the need to wear a workwear rather than another, but there are general valuations that are in principle invaluable for any profession.

In fact, the workwear market also helps to differentiate between the various proposals by dividing the search possibilities from the user on the basis of definite and equal details for everyone, such as sizes, production materials, workwear type , accessories and so on.

Here are some tips to choose your attire

FITNESS First and foremost a workpiece should be comfortable and we do not just talk about wearing the right size.

A narrow cut work trouser will be less practical and will leave less freedom of movement than a cut off by comfortable lips. A working spring socket with spring will be more comfortable than a simple walk-around socket, relieving pressure on the footbed and thus reducing fatigue during travel.

MATERIAL QUALITY Before choosing a workwear you must also be sure of the material that best suits your profession.

Depending on your needs, you can use a synthetic fiber suit, the most commonly used for workwear (durable polyester, suitable for uniforms and workwear) or natural fiber (cotton and linen), less used as a workwear.

Today we also use the polyester / cotton blend, which has given birth to a new generation of fabrics.

DURATION OF CLOTHING In most healthcare jobs, for example, a disposable workwear, also known as disposable clothing, is used. This is the case, for example, of work gloves or sanitary gowns.

Disposable workwear is required for the healthcare operator in operations in direct contact with the patient where it is necessary to increase hygiene towards the client.

External variables not to be underestimated

LENGTH OF THE LENGHT It also affects the performance of the workwear even the length of the work. Usually a normal work site or nursing work starts from five hours on.

A non-disposable workwear must be durable and durable in time, a condition indispensable for not having to change too often.

WORKING TO OPEN OR CLOSED At first sight it would seem a little detail, but it is not. Working outdoors means having to deal with climatic changes sooner or later, such as rain, wind, sun of various intensity. The workwear in these cases, in addition to being durable, must also be protective, should not flicker after the first rain or drift after the first wind bursts.

While in warmer months it is good practice to wear shorter work clothes, such as shorts or short-sleeved shorts.

SAFETY Lastly, but certainly not the least, is the danger of the work that needs to be done. As a result, security measures are also increased in clothing. It goes from the safety shoes for workers to the professional gloves of maximum resistance.


Thanks to the ease of research and the detailed commercial offer, choosing a workwear has also become a pleasant pastime, almost like shopping for a regular garment.

As we have seen, the general elements and the necessary assessments to choose the most suitable workwear are similar to all needs.

The important thing is not to leave everything to chance and improvisation by going to buy work clothes other than the specific needs that each profession requires.

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