Peeling glycolic acid

Peeling products with glycolic acid.

Glycolic acid is alpha-hydroxy acid most widely used for chemical peels in the medical and aesthetic field because thanks to its very small molecules can penetrate quickly and to carry out its work in a very short time. The glycolic acid peel TerraMare is a product dedicated to the professional beauty and cosmetics has a solution of 30% concentration which is the maximum allowed by law in aesthetics.

The treatment with glycolic acid TerraMare

The exfoliating treatment with glycolic acid in online sales, consists basically of two opposing products, the acid solution and stop solution. The latter, being a basic solution, it is essential to buffer the acidity of the first when we plan to terminate the treatment, which, otherwise, would continue its action below the surface layer. Buy online peeling products Earthsea safely, we guarantee made in Italy quality and customer service is always attentive to solve your doubts or to send any technical or certification of which you have need.


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Peeling glycolic acid There are 2 products.
  • Concentrated solution Glycolic acid for chemical exfoliation of the entire body. It works quickly even on skin thickening. peeling glycolic acid characteristics In this soft glycolic acid gel it is provided at a concentration of 30% buffered to pH 3-3.5 so as not to attack the epidermis. This product smoothes the surface layer epidermal making it...

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  • buffer solution necessary to block the action of glycolic acid or mandelic that at the end of the exposure time or in case of sudden sensations of burning or appearance of excessive redness.Stop Solution FeaturesThe stop solution is a cosmetic preparation with a value of very high pH (alkaline) that is used to neutralize the action of peeling with a low...

    10,63 € 11,81 €