Massage and bodycare

Safe products for the care of your body

Buy TerraMare cosmetics for massage and body care in the cabin and at home. They are cosmetic products certified in Italy and totally nickel-free, phthalates and animal products. To take care of your body entrusted to the rich quality products of vegetable oils with strong moisturizing and emollient properties and reliable natural active ingredients and time-tested.

Body care in the cabin

The beauty products in this section can help you take better care of the body of your customers, both female and male skin. Creams and specific vials contain natural active ingredients with anti-cellulite properties, toning, moisturizing and emollient, rigorously tested and certified, that does not create allergic reactions. Buy with confidence TerraMare the products directly online, you will find telephone and paper at any time, to perform the most of our body treatments.

Massage and bodycare


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Massage and bodycare There are 12 products.
  • Specific cream for firming and rielasticizzazione breast and buttocks. Applied consistently in synergy with specific FIRMING FLUID for breast and buttocks can donate a significant PUSH UP effect.  Features of PUSH-UP Toning Cream Soft emulsion rich in Anemarrhenae asphodeloides extract, a well-known plant and used in traditional Chinese medicine, which...

    35,51 € 39,46 €
  • Firming Fluid TerraMare is a very rich product of active ingredients thoroughly mixed together to tone, firm and rielasticizzare breasts and buttocks. Applied consistently in synergy with the Cream Push ups toning specific for breast and buttocks can donate a significant PUSH UP effect. the specific characteristics for Firming Fluid Soft emulsion rich in...

    36,86 € 40,96 €
  • The Instant Firming essence of mint is a concentrated vial with toning properties of skin tissue. Used properly formulated treatments against skin laxity contributes to hardening of the areas of the body subject to drop pop. Can be used both on the face and body. Features of firming ampoules Preparation rich in natural active ingredients. Indicated for...

    35,51 € 39,46 €
  • Moisturizing gel to cool effect that helps to hydrate and rebalance and charged imbalances of the capillaries, and the initial phase of the inflammation on the legs. Profit in the warm periods in the presence of swollen legs and "weighted" provides relief and a sense of prolonged freshness. Not greasy. Features of the Cold Gel for feet and legs with...

    31,19 € 34,66 €
  • Product sticky-based Italian natural honey, mainly used for anti-gravity type massage and nourishing masks to the face and breast. It can be used on the body as a natural scrub or used in massage for its adhesive properties. Gently massaged on the skin, removes dead skin cells, giving the skin softness and shine.  Product characteristics for Massage...

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    41,11 € 45,68 €
  • Fluid containing special plant extracts whose properties are specific to treat cellulite and / or fat. It's features a glass dropper and pipette to dose the best possible amount in various applications. Fluid characteristics Plant Cellulite It 'a cosmetic product fluid specially formulated to provide an effective remedy for cellulite in all body...

    28,35 € 31,50 €
  • Soft massage cream enriched with plant extracts Sea Oak (Fucus) and Ivy make it particularly suitable for people with cellulite and / or fat. Features of Massage Cream Fucus anti cellulite and fat It 's a massage cream containing the triterpenoid saponins of ivy that are used as carriers of hydrophilic molecules of a fatty matrix; their main feature is to...

    37,80 € 42,00 €
  • Ampoules with active ingredients anti cellulite and fat composed of a fluid portion and a freeze-dried, to maintain all the functionality until use. Features of Compound Lyophilized anti cellulite and fat The anti-cellulite vials contain a preparation rich in active ingredients and plant extracts for the treatment of cellulite and / or fat. Thanks to the...

    35,44 € 39,38 €
  • vegetable oil that allows manual sliding to physiotherapy massage or beauty giving the skin softness and brightness. Oil characteristics Massage Neutral It 'a neutral vegetable oil specially formulated to give smoothness to any type of massage is both aesthetic and physiotherapy particularly but without leaving the skin greasy. Thanks to the active plant...

    12,05 € 13,39 €
  • Light massage emulsion enriched with Carnitine, innovative molecule that effectively counteracts the unsightly appearance of cellulite by toning and moisturizing the skin. Features Anti-cellulite cream Carnitine It 'a home to use massage cream formulated with active ingredients proven in combat and / or prevent the unsightly appearance of cellulite, as...

    25,52 € 28,36 €
  • Soft cream moisturizing and firming the body, able to invigorate and re-elasticise thighs and buttocks nourishing your skin. With its elastin content is indicated on dull skin with loss of elasticity. Features Firming Body Cream Soft emulsion that allows the intake of fat-moisture-replenishing the skin substances that will be toned, moisturized and...

    25,52 € 28,36 €
  • Moisturizing and firming the body, rich in natural active ingredients can even liquids in surface moisturizing and nourishing your skin. Indicated on dry and dehydrated skin. The product provides an epidermis' optimal hydration of long duration giving brightness and freshness. Features Moisturizing Body Cream Extremely soft cream rich in functional...

    25,52 € 28,36 €