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The face masks help to make the skin soft, bright and to fight the imperfections in a targeted manner. For every problem there is the most suitable type of mask to face it, both for its direct action or for its possible ability to penetrate the specific products to go with it. A ventilated green clay mask can, for example, to perform both functions as a collagen mask it is specific to nourish and hydrate the skin and does so in a unique and effective way. To every blemish his face mask. In a treatment for oily and seborrheic skins can not miss a soothing mask and decongestant, such as I can miss a hyaluronic acid and ginseng to treat wrinkles or mask-mold to shape the breast.

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The peculiarities of a mask and the combination with specific vials suitable are the basic requirement of a successful treatment. The Made in Italy products TerraMare help ensure quality and efficiency, and you can buy them online as well as directly to the professional beauty sector, and we guarantee you continuous assistance toll 800.14.50.94.


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  • Mask soft viscose soaked with marine-derived collagen. Given its highly moisturizing and firming characteristics it is recommended for treatment of aging skin and dehydrated. the mask features to collagen in viscose fabric The particular viscose fabric, pre-drilled for the correct positioning of the eyes, nose and mouth, is a morbdo fabric, comfortable...

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  • liquid solution for dilution and activation of cast masks and / or clay powder Characteristics of the catalyst fluid The catalyst fluid is a liquid solution to be used in the preparation of cast masks or clay. Its function is to dilute and activate the dust in question which will form the mask useful to the treatment. It contains the extract of Rosa...

    11,91 € 13,23 €
  • Soft and creamy soothing mask and lightening for the treatment of sensitive skin and rosacea sufferers. Features lightening mask with chamomile Soft cream mask that thanks to the active substances contained in it plays against the epidermis lightening and softening action. In fact, the extract of chamomile and calendula have highly soothing and calming...

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    45,04 € 50,04 €
  • of green clay powder pure to be used as facial mask and body. Given its large capacity can be used for different purposes. Features in the green clay dust mask The green clay, in addition to having a significant ion exchange capacity, has a great absorbing capacity, that is, of a body of chemical fixation. This allows it to trap toxins, bacteria, microbes...

    7,79 € 8,66 €
  • Practice mask based on hyaluronic acid gel. And 'an alginate with strong moisturizing, soothing and refreshing. To be used in exfoliating treatments and anti-aging. Characteristics of the gel mask with hyaluronic acid Soft gel mask based on alginates enriched with hyaluronic acid and ginseng extract. The particular characteristics of hyaluronic acid,...

    28,35 € 31,50 €