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Hygiene and disinfection There are 17 products.
  • Disinfection of the skin, hands. Cleanses, deodorizes and disinfects the skin, leaving it pleasantly soft. 250ml bottle. Description of Novalcol alcohol-free skin disinfectant NOVALCOL LIQUID DISINFECTANT is an antibacterial for intact skin with a complete and superior action to alcohol:it does not burn, does not irritate and does not stain the...

    1,80 € 2,00 €
  • Disinfection and cleaning of damaged skin. The active substance is povidone-iodine. The action spectrum is very broad.  Bottle of 1 liter.  It 's a medical device.

    13,00 € 14,44 €
  • Disinfection of the skin, the hands, in the emergency room, for insect bites and cleaning of surfaces suspicious. Ready to use. Bottle of 1 liter.PROPERTYDisinfection of healthy skin and body, disinfection of healthy skin before injections or withdrawals. HOW TO USEUse pure; apply undiluted, using cotton or gauze soaked. Warnings:Sanitas Pronto can cause...

    6,50 € 7,22 €
  • Green concentrate antiseptic cleanser SPECIAL TATTOO, for skin to be tattooed. Protects against fungal infections, viruses and skin inflammation, eliminates burns and itching.1lt bottle - dilution 20% Description of Antiseptic Cleaner - Special Tattoo This exceptional product, the SPECIAL TATTOO edition, performs an effective antiseptic, antimicrobial and...

    8,40 € 9,33 €
  • Liquid to effectively remove the wrong stencil without irritating the skin. Description Ice Prep Skin Sanitizier + Removal Bivalent product ideal for skin preparation with antibacterial and germicidal benefits.It also effectively removes the wrong stencil without irritating the skin.Very easy to use.Eliminates up to 99% of germs from the skin.With...

    8,12 € 9,02 €
  • Liquid detergent with antibacterial action, soothes the redness of the tattoo, ideal for long sessions. Made in Italy Description of Blue Soap antibacterial cleaner Liquid detergent with an antibacterial action at physiological pH, specific for pre and post tattoo cleaning.Blue Soap 200mlThe astringent and decongestant action of the hamamelis helps to...

    4,83 € 5,37 €
  • Sample sticks. Description of the non-sterile disposable wooden swabs Cotton swabs with wooden stem, length 150 mm.They are ideal for collection of vaginal, endocervical and nasal surface samples in cytological and microbiological analyzes.Disposable, not sterile.Packaged in minigrip bags of 100 pieces.

    0,99 € 1,10 €
  • Blood collection sticks, sterile. Description of the non-sterile disposable wooden swabs Sterile cotton swabs for examination on birch wood support. Outpatient use. Single use.They are ideal for collection of vaginal, endocervical and nasal surface samples in cytological and microbiological analyzes.Disposable, sterile.PACKAGING: SINGLEThe product is...

    0,05 € 0,06 €
  • HEMOSTATIC COTTONClass I medical device - CE mark Description of the HEMOSTATIC COTTON Calcium alginate hemostatic wadding. Ideal for stopping nosebleeds and small hemorrhages, it stops bleeding and promotes scarring.Packaging: 200 mg plastic tube in carton.

    7,06 € 7,84 €
  • The Hemostatic Pencil tampons and heals the small cut immediately. Description of the Hemostatic Pencils This pencil is used to stop the blood instantly in case of cuts.It is mainly used during shaving, if a small cut occurs, apply the pencil directly on the cut and wait a few seconds for it to heal.Active principle:Rock alum.How to use:Moisten and...

    2,16 € 2,40 €
  • Round gauze pads Description of ROUND GAUZE PADS MM.16 WITH BARIUM THREAD Round swabs of non-sterile hydrophilic gauze, with barium thread, 12/8 count, 32/40 yarn, F.U. in force, disposable, sterilizable.Packaged in bags of 100 pieces;Class II meidco device CE 0373 mark16 mm diameter

    2,70 € 3,00 €
  • Pre-cut pressed cotton roll in 500 squares of 4x5cm Description of the PADS Ready-to-use cellulose tablets, made in pre-cut rolls. It is made up of extra-bleached cellulose.It does not leave lint, ideal for plugging wounds or removing the dispersion of the builder gel.We recommend the use of the closed dispenser for a hygienic and quick extraction of the...

    12,90 € 14,33 €
  • ICE BLAST. Pressing the center of the bag is triggered a chemical reaction inside that will result in a cooling effect.

    1,90 € 2,11 €
  • TNT cutting patch with central gauze.Characteristics of the wound plaster Classic plaster for cut wounds produced in non-woven fabric and completed with central gauze to ensure greater adherence to the skin.It allows a good level of oxygen breathability and guarantees breath and skin protection by helping the skin to heal the wound by stopping the flow...

    5,40 € 6,00 €
  • Square gauze in single sterile pack Characteristics of 10x10 sterile 25 layer square gauzes Sterile square gauze package made of 100% cotton.Each gauze is made up of 25 layers measuring 10x10 Cm.Individually packed.The cut of the cotton is loose weave, soft and delicate.Each square gauze has the high capacity to absorb water, blood and other liquids...

    0,24 € 0,27 €
  • Non-sterile gauze square in various formats. Pack of 1kg.

    14,00 € 15,56 €
  • Square gauze in 8-ply sterile packaging. Characteristics of the 8-layer 10x10 sterile gauze compresses Sterile pack of 8 10x10cm square gauzes produced in cotton.They are used to tamponate and absorb water, blood and other liquids leaking from the body skin following abrasions, cuts or trauma.Once placed to cover the abrasions, the gauze, if carefully...

    0,13 € 0,14 €