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Operator protections There are 19 products.
  • TNT hygienic mask Features Hygienic masks with elastic bands Antibacterial mask produced in non-woven fabric (TNT) with comfortable elastic bands and equipped with a nasal underwire for greater hold and stability.In pack of 50 pieces.Each hygienic mask is reinforced by 3 layers which make it a professional product with reliable reliability. How to use the...

    49,49 € 54,99 €
  • Hygiene mask 3-ply non-woven drawstring and visor built-in transparent plastic.

    1,50 € 1,67 €
  • Patch hypoallergenic non-woven breathable, suitable in particular for hardware on sensitive and delicate parts of the body. Rolls 9.14mt in various widths.

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    0,90 € 1,00 €
  • Gloves in pure natural rubber latex black, powder-free, micro rough with fingertips for a better grip. Characteristics of blacks latex gloves TOP quality High quality gloves in black latex, suitable for various jobs and also to those who are allergic to dust. In fact, they are of superior quality to AQL 1.5 and are dust-free addition. Being microruvidi...

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    11,70 € 13,00 €
  • Monstrous kIt for personal protection during tattoos Description of the individual protection kit This protective kit has been specially composed for students of semi-permanent makeup and tattoo classes. It allows you to perfectly protect the body, eyes and mouth and to maintain the hygiene of the working environment and of the tattoo itself. Composition...

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    24,03 € 26,70 €
  • Single-use kits for hygiene at work Description of the work hygiene kit This product kit has been specially assembled to meet the needs of tattoo and micropigmentation students. It allows you to have everything you need to do the job without investing a large sum of money. The kit consists of: RTACC1017B Cord sleeves 10pcs     EM09180 Green gags 12pcs...

    18,00 € 20,00 €
  • synthetic nitrile gloves do not prepolverato with non-slip grip. Features of Black Nitrile gloves without powder Hypoallergenic gloves powder-free, good quality, the color black. They are gloves from the elasticity and the high sensitivity almost as much as that of latex but are far more resistant against cuts, abrasions and solvents. They are equipped...

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    8,88 € 9,87 €
  • Hygiene mask TNT, 3-layer, anti-bacterial, nasal bra with elastic. Pack of 10pcs

    10,89 € 12,10 €
  • Protective glasses with transparent lens EN166 Description Single-lens transparent protective glasses Transparent, anti-fog polycarbonate safety glasses. They have an aeration system created in the side protections which prevents fogging. Extremely light they can be superimposed on eyeglasses without creating inconvenience or discomfort.Pack of 1Useful...

    3,24 € 3,60 €
  • Protective glasses with transparent lens EN166 Description Polisafe Plus protective glasses Transparent polycarbonate safety glasses with wide field of view, anti-fog and anti-scratch. Side protections with integrated ventilation system that prevents fogging. Extremely light they can be superimposed on eyeglasses without creating inconvenience or...

    6,21 € 6,90 €
  • Non-woven polypropylene beard cover with elastic Description of the white disposable beard cover with elastic, 100pcs Disposable chin / beard protection, in disposable hypoallergenic non-woven fabric (TNT), with elastic band. Very light, you almost don't feel you are wearing it.One sizeFabric weight: 14g / m2White colorPackaging: 100 pcs How to use the...

    4,95 € 5,50 €
  • Disposable non-woven operator gown with rear fastening. Characteristics of the TNT gown for operator, long sleeves and cuffs, 10pcs TNT gowns with cotton cuffs, designed with the aim of protecting the front of the body, the upper and partially lower limbs from contact with hazardous substances, chemical and biological products thanks to the barrier...

    12,60 € 14,00 €
  • Protective goggle, anti-fog lens, with elastic. Description Panoramic safety glasses with anti-fog lens Protective mask goggles with anti-fog lens. Comfortable PVC frame, polycarbonate lenses, anti-fog treatment. Ergonomic design with indirect ventilation. CE EN 166: 2001 Pack of 1 Useful for protection against splashes of liquids, aerosols or any...

    7,65 € 8,50 €
  • Protective glasses with clear lens in anti-fog polycarbonate, mirrored finish. Removable interior in EVA. Description Protective glasses with clear anti-fog polycarbonate lens Protective glasses made of polycarbonate, light and resistant that guarantee adequate eye protection without tiring the user.Protective goggles designed for work and sport.They have...

    11,00 € 12,22 €
  • White micro-rough powder-free latex glovePack of 100 pieces Characteristics of micro-rough latex gloves, powder-free Medical glove in natural rubber latex without lubricating powder with high bio-compatibility, micro-rough and with excellent grip on the wet, with high performance characteristics, of controlled and certified quality. Subjected to internal...

    10,49 € 11,66 €
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  • Operator bib, disposable in PE with rear fastening. Thickness 50my Characteristics of the disposable apron with waterproof polyethylene bib Disposable waterproof apron for protection against splashes and splashes of liquid substances. It is a very light and inexpensive item of clothing widely used by operators in various sectors such as tattoo artists,...

    6,72 € 7,47 €
  • Black sleeve covers, in disposable TNT with elastic bands. Characteristics of the black elastic sleeves in TNT Disposable protective sleeves in sturdy black TNT for protection against splashes and splashes of liquid substances. They are excellent for protecting the arms starting from the wrist.They are packs of 100pcs, in one size, and are equipped with...

    4,68 € 5,20 €
  • Green latex gloves, slightly pre-powdered Packaged in a 20-piece bag VAT exempt article as per DECREE-LAW 19 May 2020, n. 34. Characteristics of green latex gloves 20pcs The peculiarity of these gloves, which makes them of excellent quality, is that of having a special non-slip surface that guarantees excellent grip for small parts and precision work....

    2,20 € 2,44 €
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  • kit for operators consisting of: - 200 BLACK TOP QUALITY MICRO-ROUGH LATEX GLOVES - 15 DISPOSABLE WATER-REPELLENT TNT COAT, 5PCS - 1 CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL PROTECTIVE VISOR - 6 KN95 Masks (FFP2) certified GUARANTEED SAVINGS VAT exempt article as per DECREE-LAW 19 May 2020, n. 34 and subject to 50% TAX CREDIT Characteristics of the Operator Kit Essential...

    149,94 € 166,60 €