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Ointments There are 3 products.
  • Super refreshing professional gel that gives relief and vigor to the skin and calms the redness. Description of the Blue Frozen Plus The super refreshing professional ointment even more dense which gives relief and vigor to the skin and calms the redness.With highly refreshing, moisturizing and soothing properties.It also immediately enhances the light...

    8,11 € 9,01 €
  • Multi-purpose white stringy Vaseline ideal for tattoos Description of white Vaseline White stringy vaseline, is an oily cream, able to hydrate and make the skin more elastic.Isolates the affected part, preventing skin irritation, soothes and prevents dryness, protecting irritated skin.From the medical point of view, its use is ideal as regards the...

    13,02 € 14,47 €
  • Stringy Vaseline, with protective effect. 250ml bottle Description of stringy Vaseline Very fat and slippery white semi-solid paste with protective effect, completely produced in Italy, packaged in a ready-to-use jar. Indispensable to slide the hand over the skin during the tattoo, guaranteeing a movement without interruptions. Furthermore, used on...

    3,44 € 3,82 €