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Pedals There are 8 products.
  • Round pedal for power supply with jack connector.This pedal, large and comfortable, can 'be pressed at any point to provide the contact. And 'good for jobs inquanto tattoo, having ample footprint, allows you to start the machine with ease tattoos and tension in the calf.Featuring Jack 6.3Tips on use:It can be combined with all standard power supplies.

    13,05 € 14,50 €
  • Pedal power supply for steel, with jack connector.This pedal is completely made of steel, it is equipped with a non-slip base.Its elongated shape allows you to manage the foot during tattooing foothold. Pedal features long steel - Featuring Jack 6.3- Resistant cable 6mm diameter- Structure of the pedal steel thickness 1.5mm- Non-slip rubber on the...

    11,43 € 12,70 €
  • Foot pedal tattoos switch Yin Yang design with jack connector.The Yin Yang contact pedal is inspired by desciplina tao to bring balance in your work.This footswitch can 'be pressed at any point of its circumference to provide the current that will trigger your tattoo machine.the Contact Pedal features for Yin Yang tattoos- Featuring Jack 6.3- Material:...

    8,01 € 8,90 €
  • Standard Foot pedal switch, with jack connector.This contact pedal is a standard plastic model. It activates the switch by pressing the foot and lifting it off. It 'a no aesthetic pretensions pedal but fully functional, stable and average income.Features of the standard contact pedal- Featuring Jack 6.3- Plastic frame- Non-slip feetTips on use:It can be...

    9,35 € 10,39 €
  • Strong and accurate pedal steel to RCA cable. Features of the Trigo pedal Robust metal It 's a precision pedal, stable, reliable and triangular. Built entirely of metal to last for life!It's equipped with non-slip pad to keep it firmly in place and RCA connection that lets you replace only the cable once defective, no buy back around the pedal.Equipped...

    46,79 € 71,99 €
  • TATTOO pedal switch, with jack connector.This contact is a pedal plastic simple model is similar to the standard pedal but is screen printed with the written TATTOO. It activates the switch by pressing the foot and lifting it off. It 'a cheap pedal, but fully functional for novice artists who do not want to engage economically. Features of the standard...

    8,55 € 9,50 €
  • Tattoo round pedal for power supply with jack connector 6.3. Characteristics of the Stella Nero Pedal Comfortable and lightweight pedal made of shaped aluminum with a star in relief. It is a 360 ° pedal, so it can be pressed at any point to deliver the contact. It is excellent for tattooing work, since it has a large support surface and allows the tattoo...

    9,50 € 10,56 €
  • Round chrome tattoo foot pedal with 6.3 jack connector. Features of the chromed round pedal Pedale elegante e leggero in metallo cromato con pedaliera in plastica nera con rilievi antiscivolo. It is a 360 ° pedal, so it can be used from any angle.To activate it, just press lightly, in fact you can use it with both the foot and the hand. The anti-slip base...

    24,30 € 27,00 €