Aghi e capsule per dremografo ODED

Here you can buy replacement needles and sterile caps for the ODED dermograph.

Aghi e capsule per dremografo ODED

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Aghi e capsule per dremografo ODED There are 2 products.
  • ODED dermograph needles Characteristics of needles These needles are individually wrapped and sterilized with E.O Gas, to ensure maximum hygiene in every treatment.They are compatible with the ODED dermograph and must be inserted, in a 3-piece formation, inside the tip and then fixed with 1 single-use oded capsule.It is advised to use a tweezers for the...

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  • Disposable plastic capsules for ODED dermatograph Description of the needle stop capsules for ODED dermatograph The disposable plastic caps are individually packaged and sterilized with E.O. Gas to ensure maximum hygiene of your work.They are perforated caps that allow the insertion and stability of the 3 needles inside the ODED dermograph. They also...

    1,51 € 1,68 €