Grip for cartridges and adapters

Grip adapters for all machines

Grip for cartridge needles that fit all rotary and web tattoo machines. They are available in both metal and disposable and with different grips. For machines with special attachments we also have adaptable connectors.

Speed up your work

With these grips you can modify your tattoo machine to make it more performing in jobs using sterile cartridges, which are easier to assemble and replace than common tattoo needles.

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Grip for cartridges and adapters There are 5 products.
  • Anodised aluminum grip for cartridge, totally adjustable. Adjustable aluminum grip for cartridges Big Wasp This handle with cartridge attachment is extremely adjustable and compatible with commercial rotating machines. It is equipped with a drive bar, complete with grommet, and has a tapered handle from 25 to 32mm to give optimum comfort to both small and...

    71,10 € 79,00 €
  • Aluminum grip for cartridge needles Description of the aluminum Grip for cartridges Grip can be used on any coil or rotary tattoo machine to mount cartridges instead of traditional needles.It has an ergonomic and comfortable grip for long hours of work.It is a single aluminum body, which allows sterilization both in autoclave and with cold peracetic...

    27,90 € 31,00 €
  • Disposable grip for compatible cartridge needles, equipped with bar Description of 30mm disposable grips for tattoo cartridges These disposable grips allow you to adapt each of your tattoo machines, both reel and rotary, to cartridge needles.They also allow you to work in compliance with the requirements of safety and hygiene as far as they are packaged...

    14,84 € 16,49 €
  • Adapter with grip screw Description of the Cheyenne Adapter Universal adapter for connecting standard pipes to machineswith Cheyenne screw, Inkjecta Flite, and other similar machines.It allows you to insert any type of grip both in metal and disposable because it replicates the clamp to tighten that is present in the classic machines.It is composed of a...

    12,42 € 13,80 €
  • Screw adapter for Cheyenne and Inkjecta machines Description of Cheyenne Hawk and Inkjecta screw connector Cheyenne and Inkjecta compatible screw connector to connect the grips of other brands to these machines and other similar machines.With this adapter you can also insert the disposable grips to your machines. It is a kit composed of a screw and a...

    20,39 € 22,66 €