We offer you our professional tools for microblading, suitable for all levels of prepoaration and for all types of pigmentation. Among these we offer the Taffy line of the highest quality, specially created after years of technological research, to satisfy the most demanding jobs and the truly natural result.
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  • Needles SZWEDO GROUP...

    Blades for microblading composed of high quality sequential and scalar needles.

  • Curved series...

    Blades for microblading, for eyebrow tattooing in various shapes and sizes

  • U-shaped curved...
    Blades for microblading assembled in a row with an arched profile (U-shaped). They are the most used needles in microblading courses.
  • Handpieces for...
    Handpieces for microblading of various colors and workmanship, from aluminum to stainless steel.
  • Round needles
    Microblading needles with a linear shape used for the shadow technique.