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  • Entry level Machine

    First-band coil tattoo machines, made entirely of steel. They are ideal for making the first steps in the tattoo world.

  • Kriminal Machine

    Kriminal series coil tattoo machines. They are exclusive machines, in limited edition, designed and made totally by Kriminal Tattoo in Italy.

  • R.B. Tattoo machine

    R. B. Tattoo Machine is the trademark of Italian excellence handicraft . The composition of a coil machine is done by hand-made of every small detail. All handmade in Italy!

  • EAGLE Machine by...

    Your Tattoo Machine

    EAGLE Professional Machines are made entirely by hand in Italy. Products for professionals by professionals. They are customizable and settable according to personal parameters.

    Warranty and service

    Each machine produced is subject to direct assistance and guaranteed for life in the mechanical parts.

  • Set for practice students Description of the entry level Tattoo Kit This kit has been composed to meet the needs of tattoo students or beginners who want to start training with a quality machine that does not require a large investment.The kit consists of all the material necessary for the operation and use of the machine, including needles and mixed...

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