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  • Synthetic leather for exercise Description of the first choice synthetic leather This is a synthetic leather for micropigmentation exercise produced with high quality material. It is only 1.5mm thick and very faithfully simulates facial skin.It is extremely realistic and allows you to become familiar with the right pressure and distance to be impressed on...

    9,51 € 10,57 €
  • Pad embossed synthetic leather for semi-permanent makeup tutorial on eyeliner and eyebrows Description of the pad eye in 3D for exercise This soft and thin synthetic leather is ideal for learning and practicing micro-pigmentation of eyes and eyebrows. Its relief forms will simulate human skin in an excellent way by providing the operator 4 different looks...

    19,90 € 22,12 €
  • Description of synthetic leather for exercise Exercise of this skin is very useful for practice, creating several tattoos before venturing on human skin.E 'extremely realistic and allows you to become familiar with the right pressure and distance to give the machine the tattoo.And 'usable on both sides and it is inclusive of tourniquet and through holes...

    6,01 € 6,68 €
  • Meter for adhesive eyebrows in centimeters. Features Eyebrow Ruler With the meter for adeivo eyebrows you can easily determine the correct proportions of eyebrows to be tattooed. It lets you draw them obtaining symmetry in a very precise and accurate.Pack of 20pcs16cm widthHeight 2.2 cmgraduated scale in cm Tips for use of the meter sticker eyebrows After...

    12,00 € 13,34 €
  • Small transparent pigment capsules. Characteristics of Micro Cups for pigments Multi format capillary capsules. Produced precisely to accommodate small amounts of micropigmentation pigment.They can be inserted into the plexiglass cups or placed on a flat surface.Pack of 10pcs

    14,00 € 15,56 €
  • Description of the plexiglas cups door Capsules for plexiglas pigments. Very light and elegant is equipped with 3 holes for small cups. Ideal for semi-permanent makeup pigments.No more ink everywhere! With the table capsule door you can always keep in a stable and ready to use your colors without risking to overthrow them.

    12,00 € 13,34 €
  • Disposable Tray Description Pack of disposable trays made of white plastic, non-sterile, biodegradable and recyclable.instrument ideal for medical, cosmetic and tattoo, have a lot of compartments of different sizesDimensions: 28x18cmWhite colorAvailable in different packaging

    12,09 € 13,44 €
  • Description hold steel cups Hold Ink Cups steel. It 'very stable and equipped with 6 holes for 3 different sizes of capsules. No more ink everywhere! With this tray you can always keep in stable and ready to use your colors without the risk of spilling them.It matches perfectly with our Ink Cups

    9,00 € 10,00 €
  • Description of Cord sleeves protective and hygienic plastic sheaths to cover the power cables during tattooing.Their diameter 60mm also allows you to cover the dermografi and pen machines (Hawk Pen).Each sheath measuring 60mm x 600mmPack 250pzOn the site you can also find the caps for machines and for bottles with a spray

    9,00 € 10,00 €
  • Description of the bottle with a spray Soft bottle in palstica with flexible and adjustable spout, to be used as a spray for liquid cleaning solutions or disinfectants.The trasparenta plastic bottle allows you to see more and the level of content within and its softness allows perfect supply monitoring.Available with spout in blue or red

    4,00 € 4,45 €
  • Description of Bottle bags Protective plastic sheaths to cover the bottles used during the tattoo work. It's a recommended hygienic protection to be used at each work, to prevent the squeeze bottle or bottles become contaminated with the sketches.Each measure sheath 150 x 260mmPack 250pzOn the site you can also find the protections for cables and for...

    9,00 € 10,00 €
  • Disinfectant wipes for hands and surfaces ready to use Description of WIPES ELIMINATES GERMES FOR HANDS AND SURFACES Clinell Universal is a single use wipe soaked in a solution based on a mix of biocides with disinfectant action.Contains a patented formula based on 6 different biocides for the elimination of gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria,...

    8,40 € 9,34 €
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