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Dermographs for permanent makeup There are 10 products.
  • Professional dermograph for semi-permanent make-up and small tattoos Description of the complete dermatograph kit - OTZI This professional micropigmentation kit has been developed by OTZI Tattoo specifically to meet the needs of every single semi-permanent make-up operator.Powerful, compact and manageable, it is composed of the adjustable Mini OZ PEN...

    549,90 € 611,00 €
  • Ultra light professional dermograph for semi-permanent make-up and small tattoos Description of the Mini OZ PEN - OTZI Tattoo Dermograph The professional Mini OZ PEN dermograph is a state-of-the-art semi-permanent make-up machine that combines extraordinary characteristics of power, lightness, manageability, precision and durability.He is a champion in...

    341,10 € 379,00 €
  • Power supply with digital display and touch controls. Description of the Touch OZ-1 digital power supply This OTZI Tattoo power supply is the unparalleled expression of advancing technology.In fact, in addition to being light and compact, it is equipped with a digital screen full of operational features, a memory that can select 12 different preselected...

    189,00 € 210,00 €
  • Power supply super technology with digital display and dual output.This advanced device is a power supply without equal. E 'consists of two independent outputs for machines, fully adjustable and programmable with 6 preset memories (3 liner and shader 3). It has the pedal control function that can be configured as either momentary or maintained:...

    109,80 € 122,00 €
  • The tattoo machine intelligent, powerful and accurate for micropigmentation aesthetics and para-medical.INTELLIDERM compiuterizzata is an equipment able to facilitate and simplify the work of operators of semi-permanent make-up and / or paramedics who use it. In fact you can select up to 4 areas of pre-programmed according to their own parameters work,...

    1 198,80 € 1 998,00 €
  • Oded System dermographic kit Kit of the ODED System Dermograph Contents:l ODED dermograph, dermograph feeder, 9 lip pigments andeyeliner, Fixer, 60 sterile needles for dermograph, plexiglass tray,lip pencil, tweezers for needles, 100 lip occlusive sheets,20 dermatograph cover, plexiglass holder stand, 20 sterile cupsneedle holder, 10 cups pigment...

    1 900,00 € 2 111,11 €
  • Oded System dermographic kit Description of the ODED System Dermograph - with three independent tips The ODED dermograph is the only one in the world equipped with a 3-needle tip in an independent line. The three needles work alternately penetrating into the skin independently of each other.The speed of the penetrating needles is the same as those that...

    1 719,90 € 1 911,00 €
  • RCA cable with 90 ° connector Features of the right angle RCA cable - very light This cable is equipped with the right angle RCA connector. This means that when you use your pen, the cable will no longer undergo those stressful bends that wear it down to breaking it. It has a very light cable which makes it particularly suitable for pens and...

    10,80 € 12,00 €
  • Clips of high quality soft silicone cord with RCA final.RCA connector is metal. Features of the Clip Cord RCA silicone - Jack Connector 6.3- RCA connector metal- Length 200cm- Material: Silicone- Colours: yellow - red - black

    14,00 € 15,56 €
  • Complete dermographic kit for microneedling and dermopigmentation Description of the Permaderm Dermograph for MTS and PMU High performance dermograph for permanent make-up and microneedling.It can support all compatible sizes of cartridge needles with bayonet connection and those for MTS for needling.The high-quality aluminum handpiece is equipped with...

    749,93 € 833,26 €