Permanent Makeup Pigments

Only certified Resap 2008 certified pigments

The pigments on this site are extremely concentrated and safe. They do not contain aromatic amines and carcinogens, and have been analyzed and certified by the German CTL GmBH company and fully comply with ResAP (2008) 1. Our pigments for permanent make-up don’t contain carcinogens, have all required certificates and they meet all standards concerning colour stability, intensity and density. We use largely inorganic pigments, pure pigments as well as organic ones that are found in international cosmetics. All pigments are toxically,alergically, microbilogically tested.

All the shades you want

Here you can choose the pigments that best suit your customers and your work technique, both with blades and dermographs. In fact, you have different shades of the same color and different concealers and camouflage that will allow you to create a job that is perfectly suited to the skin's color and skin.

Permanent Makeup Pigments


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Permanent Makeup Pigments There are 13 products.


  • Pigments for Eyes and...

    Stability of pigment color

    It is crucial to have stable pigments for permanent make-up and don’t change their colour while persisting permanent make-up. Pigment particle size oscillate from 6 to 15 microns. Particles smaller than 6 microns may cause pigment migration to unwanted places or pigment can be absorbed by immune system. Particles bigger than 15 microns can stay in a tissue once and for all.

    Training and assistance

    Our company makes available its MAKE-UP CONSULTANTS to assist clients in their work and avoid unpleasant inconveniences. Proper theory and practical training in collaboration with a proven and proven pigmentation technique significantly increases the possibility of long-term customer satisfaction. Contact us at 800.14.50.94 to be updated on the dates of our specialization courses and / or in-depth.

  • Lips Pigments

    Permanent lips pigmentation

    The color properties for the pigmentation of the lips guarantee extremely natural effects. Because of the constant changes in facial features, the pigment's stay in optimum conditions is 3-4 years, within which make-up makes the face more fascinating every day. Our pigments have the best parameters for microblading and for classical micropigmentation.

    International Level Training

    To get a good pigmentation of the lips, you need to know pigments, skin colors and hot and fresh colors, as well as the correct application of pigment dyes. That's why we invite you to take part in our theoretical / practical training on acquiring knowledge about pigmentation techniques and the appropriate color choice. Our organization offers international training on realistic permanent trick. Contact us at 800.14.50.94 to stay up-to-date on basic and advanced training.

  • Pigmenti per...

    Camouflage or Corrector?

    Camouflage pigments are used to cover / hide face imperfections, such as scars, permanently. This is why they are rich in long-lasting pigment. The correctors instead perform the task of correcting the base color from the resulting viruses of micropigmentation and, mixed with the colors, allow to multiply the available pigments and be able to operate on all the phototypes.


    Colorimetry notions are essential for an operator to choose the pigment or the combination of correct pigments for each phototype. Otzi Tattoo runs 1-day colorimetry courses, which provides a broad training on the choice of the right color based on the various factors that can affect it. To find out more, contact us at 800.14.50.94