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Products for micropigmentation

On pserviceweb we offer you the tools, equipment and specific products, keeping up with the Italian and European regulations, to make the most of micropigmentation. Dermografi, controllers, pigments, needles, protective equipment, products for the care and maintenance of the trick and finally the accessories making it easy for the work.

semi-permanent make-up courses

In addition to the indispensable tools we offer you our courses for permanent make-up with an updated training in the latest techniques and above all with the latest technology. Practice rich courses that will allow you immediately to safely deal with your work. To learn more visit our blog and contact us on

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  • Permanent Makeup Pigments

    Only certified Resap 2008 certified pigments

    The pigments on this site are extremely concentrated and safe. They do not contain aromatic amines and carcinogens, and have been analyzed and certified by the German CTL GmBH company and fully comply with ResAP (2008) 1. Our pigments for permanent make-up don’t contain carcinogens, have all required certificates and they meet all standards concerning colour stability, intensity and density. We use largely inorganic pigments, pure pigments as well as organic ones that are found in international cosmetics. All pigments are toxically,alergically, microbilogically tested.

    All the shades you want

    Here you can choose the pigments that best suit your customers and your work technique, both with blades and dermographs. In fact, you have different shades of the same color and different concealers and camouflage that will allow you to create a job that is perfectly suited to the skin's color and skin.

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    Pencils for professional makeup lip


    Pencils for professional makeup Eye

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    Training at First Place

    We offer Professional Training Courses for semipermanent makeup for all levels, both for micropigmentation with dermograph and microblading. We organize both 5 day basic courses and one-day specialization courses divided into well-defined subjects: colorimetry, removal, eye focus, advanced eyebrows, shadows, lips, etc .. Lessons are attended by 1 to 4 students to ensure the maximum of individual teacher training and assistance. Our teachers are internationally Italian masters and we also use the collaboration of chirugh doctors. Each basic course is complete with theoretical and manual phases, aimed at model practice.

    The Business Opportunity

    In the basic courses, we also face the various stages of preparation for own work, including bureaucracy: standards, fulfillment, certification, taxation, etc. .

    Also, the best students have the chance to work with us! Call us at 800.14.50.94

  • Microblading
    We offer you our professional tools for microblading, suitable for all levels of prepoaration and for all types of pigmentation. Among these we offer the Taffy line of the highest quality, specially created after years of technological research, to satisfy the most demanding jobs and the truly natural result.
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    Strengthen and heal the semi-permanent makeup

    With these products we give you the opportunity to increase the quality and durability of the result, both for semi-permanent trick and microblading. In fact, we have both accelerating and fixative pigment products that give greater strength and stability to the color introduced, both during and after work.

    Home care as a must

    The main task of a makeup operator is to make the customer understand how important it is to treat the tattoo in the month after pigmentation. On our part, we offer you the best healing products to offer, which are a guarantee of perfect healing without compromising the result.

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    Disposable needles and cartridges for dermographs
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