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On pserviceweb we have every kind of accessory to remove, set, adjust and repair the most of your tattoo machine. You have the screws, keys, replacement springs, etc., in order to do maintenance to your machine and always maintain accuracy and their frequency to every tattoo. In addition, we supply at favorable prices accessories that wear out and change more frequently as rubber bands, grommets, rings, nipples, etc.

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You can turn to us for assistance on your machines to tattoo. Our laboratory is always ready to repair or to simple cost estimates. Turn to us with confidence, our company has over 20 years of experience in professional fields. Contact us by email at or call toll 800.14.50.94

Accessories and spare parts for tattoo There are 12 products.
  • 30cm adapter cable soft silicone.Useful to convert an RCA connector on a standard attack with teeth for tattoo machines.Have you bought a new machine to tattoo coils but you only have a RCA connector cable? No problem. No need to buy a new cable standard shank, just purchase this converter and add it to your cable, also will donate 30 cm long more!...

    9,00 € 10,00 €
  • This Liner Bar is an indispensable tool to center the needle pace of your coil maker. Its shape, appearance similar to a screwdriver, allows you to set perfectly armature bar (reinforcement bar). How to use the Liner Bar - centering bar To center your reel machine you can insert Liner Bar inside the terminal block Tube (typ) up to the bar, which you...

    6,00 € 6,67 €
  • Spare set of contact springs for tattoo machine reel.It consists of 4 springs, 2 front and 2 rear, different, to allow more settings of your machine, both liner shader configuration. Features of the contact springs The springs that make this kit are:- Small rear spring - measures: 30mm length, 17mm width- Large rear spring - measures: length 33mm, width...

    7,00 € 7,78 €
  • blacks rubber bands for tattoo machines.Are elastic quality to be inserted around the machine in correspondence with the half of the needle bar. This is necessary to avoid excessive solicitude same needle in the tip.Conf. 200pz

    7,50 € 8,33 €
  • Rubber rings for tattoo machines.These rubber O-rings are the right size for your reel machines. What are the rubber rings The rubber O-ring (O-ring) is positioned on the armature bar and "embraces" the clamping screw of the front spring and the fold of the grinding wheel. This position allows you to keep it stretched between the spring and the armature...

    4,00 € 4,44 €
  • Contact screw machines by tattoosThis contact screw is a useful spare part to replace the old contact screw your coil maker. This fact tends to wear out over time and losing run.Features of the contact screwlength 28mm3mm widthSuitable for almost all machines on the market

    2,50 € 2,78 €
  • This mini bag is the perfect container for safeguarding your precious tattoo machine. Features of aluminum case for tattoo machine durable hard carrying case, complete with heavy duty lock, protective corners and carrying handle.Material: AluminumInterior: soft-absorbing paddingDimensions: 11x11x h 6cmCapacity: 1 machine + Cable

    10,00 € 11,11 €
  • This elegant wooden box is the ideal container for the preservation of your precious tattoo machine.Features wooden box for tattoo machinesIt 'a small wooden box, light, finished in leather and cloth with oriental designs. And 'ideal for storing secure your precious tattoo machine.Material: red woodInterior: emptyDimensions: 11.5 x 9.5 x 5cm hCapacity: 1...

    10,00 € 11,11 €
  • Grommets hood suited to fix the needle tattoo on reinforcing bar. Features of Grommets tight to attach the needle Unlike the rubber donut, this gasket can be placed on the pin before insert ourselves the needle. His hooded shape allows easy insertion and a perfect fit of the needle bar circle. Moreover, its mobidezza acts as a shock absorber smoothing...

    7,00 € 7,78 €
  • RCA adapter, to convert an RCA connector into a classic clip cord with teeth for coil machines. Technical characteristics of the RCA / Clip cord converter Have you purchased a new coil tattoo machine but only have one cable with an RCA connector? No problem. No need to buy a new clipcord cable, just buy this converter and join it to your cable. -...

    6,30 € 7,00 €
  • RCA adapter for converting spring-loaded machines Technical characteristics of the Clip Cord / RCA  converter This handy adapter has an RCA jack that allows you to adapt almost all tattoo machines with an RCA cable. Universal adapter, works with practically any tattoo machine - Plug type: Phono / RCA jack - ring connector cable

    3,51 € 3,90 €
  • Replacement for Hummingbird V2Piston with eccentric and adjustable screw

    21,02 € 23,36 €