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  • Transparent ink cups to distinguish better the color poured inside it. Available in various sizes. Characteristics of the pigment Capsules These Transparent Color Ink Cups are equipped with a wide upper border, so they can also be inserted into a capsule door. They are 3 different diameters and can also be purchased in 2 different packs of 250 or...

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  • Description about ink cups holder Tray for plastic cups in a crescent shape. It 's very light and equipped with 8 holes for 3 different sizes of caps.No more ink everywhere! With this tray you can always keep in stable and ready to use your colors without the risk of spilling them.It matches perfectly with our Ink Caps

    4,00 € 4,45 €
  • Description hold steel cups Hold Ink Cups steel. It 'very stable and equipped with 6 holes for 3 different sizes of capsules. No more ink everywhere! With this tray you can always keep in stable and ready to use your colors without the risk of spilling them.It matches perfectly with our Ink Cups

    9,00 € 10,00 €
  • Description of synthetic leather for exercise Exercise of this skin is very useful for practice, creating several tattoos before venturing on human skin.E 'extremely realistic and allows you to become familiar with the right pressure and distance to give the machine the tattoo.And 'usable on both sides and it is inclusive of tourniquet and through holes...

    6,01 € 6,68 €
  • Stencil Stuff is the ideal product for accurately transfer your designs.It is in fact a special lubricant which facilitates the transference of application and increases the tightness. Features of the Stencil stuff The stuf Stencil it appears as a milky solution contained in a transparent bottle with adjustable nozzle that has the following...

    20,00 € 22,23 €
  • The Dragon King is a specific product for precise and lasting transfer of your designs.As the best known Stencil Stuff, is a special lubricant that facilitates the application of the transference from ectografica paper to maximize the seal skin. lubricant characteristics for stencil application It appears as a milky solution contained in a transparent...

    10,00 € 11,12 €
  • SPIRIT CLASSIC THERMAL copying paper for thermal printer Description of the Original 100W Thermal Spirit Paper Pack of 100pcsThis card is made to make clear and lasting stencils for the duration of the tattoo. The use of stencil stuff is recommended for transferring the stencil to the skin.Our realistic tattoo artists use this product for free hand...

    39,50 € 43,89 €
  • ectografica paper to 4 sheets for thermal printer or hand drawing for the realization of professional stencilsPack of 100 piecesThermal paper 8.5 x 11 inchesThis card was designed to make the long-term stencils. And 'suitable for any level of artist. It can be used with thermal printers, dot matrix printers or hand recommended the use of the...

    33,93 € 37,70 €
  • Pad embossed synthetic leather for semi-permanent makeup tutorial on eyeliner and eyebrows Description of the pad eye in 3D for exercise This soft and thin synthetic leather is ideal for learning and practicing micro-pigmentation of eyes and eyebrows. Its relief forms will simulate human skin in an excellent way by providing the operator 4 different looks...

    19,90 € 22,12 €
  • Description of the plexiglas cups door Capsules for plexiglas pigments. Very light and elegant is equipped with 3 holes for small cups. Ideal for semi-permanent makeup pigments.No more ink everywhere! With the table capsule door you can always keep in a stable and ready to use your colors without risking to overthrow them.

    12,00 € 13,34 €
  • Purple medical marker to draw on the skin. Description of the Medical Marker Violet certified medical pencil to draw on the skin and permanently mark the design that will be pigmented, for example:- the lines on the eyelids- lip contourIt does not even remove it when it cleanses the skin repeatedly.

    8,45 € 9,39 €
  • Instruments to create the right shape of the eyebrows Description of Eyebrow Models Pre-set eyebrow models that allow you to draw 15 different types of eyebrows. The package includes stencils with different eyebrows, trendy and traditional, wide and narrow, long and short, made of elastic and transparent plastic with printed sizes. The anatomical shape of...

    46,80 € 52,00 €
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