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Needles, cartridges and Grip Tattoo There are no products in this category


  • Otzi tattoo needle

    Disposable Tattoo Needles

    Buy the needles tattoo Otzi Tattoo! They are an indispensable tool for your masterpieces. Stainless steel products and sterilized individually, you can buy them in packs of 50 pieces maxi or mini 5pz. They are subjected to sterilization with EO gas and comply with the most ristrettive European regulations on hygiene.

    Choose the right needle to tattoo

    Depending on the type of work that you face you you can choose the right shape of your needles: round liner, round shader, magnum, magnum round, flat. Then match it to a grip of the right form for you to have a comfortable and stable grip. If you need to tattoo quickly and frequently change needles you can try our cartridges, simple and practical to insert. For all your work we have the right solution. Trust our products and take advantage of their excellent quality / price ratio. For personalized preventivio please contact us at

  • Premium Big Wasp...

    The needles for artistic tattoo

    Buy BIGWASP Premium tattoo needles. They are made of high quality 316L stainless steel and lead free soldering. The maximum!!

    Quality assurance

    All needle configurations have evenly spaced needle distributions that help reduce friction and consistent roundness characteristics.
    Each needle is subjected to ethylene oxide gas sterilized and packaged in a box of 50 pieces

  • SPARK cartridges with...

    High quality compatible cartridges sterile.

    The SPARK cartridges are equipped with tattoo needles of various shapes and sizes. Suitable for any type of tattoo or permanent make are sold in packs of 20 blisters sealed and sterilized. Have a very high accuracy guaranteed beaten by an internal elastic retention hooked needle.

    A secure and fast job 

    Each work is speeded up with the use of these cartridges. In fact, in addition to ensuring maximum hygiene thanks to the protection of the needles, they are practical and quick to assemble and replace during the work. Buy online your cartridges for tattoos and try them with our machines by the ratio really good quality. We assure you support and quality guarantee on every product sold. Contact us with any questions toll 800.14.50.94

  • Grips usa e getta sterili

    Grips and sterile disposable tip

    For a professional job and perfectly safe to the point of view of hygiene, we recommend that you always use sterile disposable grip. We have a different grips and adaptable to any measure of tattoo needles.

    Hygiene convenience

    Use disposable equipment, in addition to guarantee maximum hygiene, it saves you time and money. In fact, the sterilization procedures of the instruments require daily time to spend and also different products and tools to buy to practice it. Buy on line our grips disposable sterile and already complete with test lead. Contact us with any questions toll 800.14.50.94

  • Grip for cartridges...

    Grip adapters for all machines

    Grip for cartridge needles that fit all rotary and web tattoo machines. They are available in both metal and disposable and with different grips. For machines with special attachments we also have adaptable connectors.

    Speed up your work

    With these grips you can modify your tattoo machine to make it more performing in jobs using sterile cartridges, which are easier to assemble and replace than common tattoo needles.