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  • Phonendoscope for auscultation of sounds from the organs of the human body. Description of the Flat head adult phonendoscope Stethoscope for adults with flat head, membrane with a diameter of 45 mm, bow in stainless steel with spring inside the fork with rubber ear olives and PVC pipe; latex free.Model particularly indicated in combination with aneroid...

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  • Cute timer mechanical timer diameter 60 mmE 'produced in two different configurations with as many nice variants:- Vegetable timer: tomato- Animal timer: cat, rabbit, etc ..You will be sent to that available at time of order

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  • Made of special plastic, soft, non-extendable. Measure the circumference and the diameter of the head of the child (up to 60 cm).

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  • METER MONOXIDE CARBON PICO + Monitor portable diagnosis and treatment of tobacco addiction and poisoning from CO - Full range of monitors for different needs - The ideal solution for tobacco control, poisoning by carbon monoxide (CO), Prenatal testing - Test fast and cost content - Easy to use and easy to read and interpret results (levels of color and...

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  • Stethoscope with head diameter of 45mm and height of 10mm anodized aluminum molded and polished. Threaded ring nut for the locking of the membrane. Headband chromed metal: 150mm length, diameter 5mm. Y-tube rubber in one piece: diameter 5mm, length 60cm. Packaged in individual cardboard boxes.

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  • Stethoscope ideal to be placed under the cuff of the sphygmomanometer in a convenient and simple. Stethoscope with robust stainless steel flat head. With a membrane with a diameter of 44 mm. In cardboard box drive. Technical features:: - latex-free: - length of tube only to "y" (without headband): 560 mm: - pipe high quality acoustics and sound...

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  • The robust head and high surface exclude the noises caused by the fingers and produce exceptional resonance. With matt chrome, hygienic. Head with protective collar against the cold feeling for the patient. Ergonomic bow chrome. Individual setup. Tube "y" of the highest quality to acoustics and sound transmission optimal. Length: 56 cm. Materials...

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  • Stetofonendo Littmann Master Cardiology Littmann master cardiology: the acoustic excellence. The unique patented single-sided head allows auscultated sounds selectively at high and low frequency, without having stattare the instrument from the patient's body. Head technology mono-face "master" can detect both the low and high frequencies, without turning...

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  • Thermometer oval ecological Gradic mercury, it ensures accurate measurements and precise. The product and 'non-toxic and environmentally friendly because' contains gallium in place of mercury. Individually packed in hard case. Product compliant with the Directive en12470-1: 2000 concerning the clinical thermometers in Metallic liquid in glass with maximum...

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  • Garantisce misurazioni accurate e precise. Il prodotto e' atossico ed ecologico perche' contiene gallio al posto del mercurio. Confezionato singolarmente in astuccio rigido. Questo termometro in pratica sostituisce il normale termometro clinico al mercurio che e' stato bandito dalla ue in quanto tossico e di difficile smaltimento. Accu-therm al contrario...

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  • Designed by Dr. bmwright is the peak flow meter more 'spread throughout the world. Mini-wright is a cylinder in which the air exhaled by the patient moves a piston connected to a spring which moves an indicator on the value of pef. It exists in double configuration, depending on whether it is necessary to monitor high flow or low flow. * Mini-Wright...

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  • Stethoscope cardiology stainless steel. Stethoscope Cardiology Dual head in brushed stainless steel with a diameter of 47 / 36mm and height of 33mm. Headband binaural spring assembled inside the tube. Ring antifreddo on both sides. Soft eartips screw. Ring anti cold. Tube to y PVC in one piece: diameter 5mm, length 60cm. Packed in a single cardboard box....

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