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  • Cleansing and toning

    Products for cleansing, toning and exfoliation of the face.

    The cleansing of the facial skin, often overlooked, is instead an imperative gesture to be performed daily to ensure the maintenance of the correct skin pH and skin's natural protection (hydrolipid film). For this TerraMare he has realized of specific products for every type of skin, from the dry to the one with acne, which tend to have different levels of pH and may not be rebalanced by a neutral product. The act of cleansing, dell'esfoliazione and facial toning is a necessary step to correct skin preparation before any treatment to be performed on the client. A clean, balanced skin will be more receptive than the specific vials or facial creams applied thereafter.

    Buy products that respect your skin

    Only by purchasing quality products certified and suitable to your skin type you can ensure adequate and effective treatment preparation. Buy online in complete safety, you will be assisted at all times by our customer service and technical support you need from any paper.

  • Face masks

    Face masks quality made in Italy

    The face masks help to make the skin soft, bright and to fight the imperfections in a targeted manner. For every problem there is the most suitable type of mask to face it, both for its direct action or for its possible ability to penetrate the specific products to go with it. A ventilated green clay mask can, for example, to perform both functions as a collagen mask it is specific to nourish and hydrate the skin and does so in a unique and effective way. To every blemish his face mask. In a treatment for oily and seborrheic skins can not miss a soothing mask and decongestant, such as I can miss a hyaluronic acid and ginseng to treat wrinkles or mask-mold to shape the breast.

    Enrich your facials

    The peculiarities of a mask and the combination with specific vials suitable are the basic requirement of a successful treatment. The Made in Italy products TerraMare help ensure quality and efficiency, and you can buy them online as well as directly to the professional beauty sector, and we guarantee you continuous assistance toll 800.14.50.94.

  • Massage and facecare

    Creams for facial care

    In this section you can buy directly online and creams antisera to deal with any imperfections of the face at home or in the cabin. The products are all made in Italy and formulated according to the latest and strictest European standards, therefore not have toxic elements, which produce potentially carcinogenic or allergies such as nickel, phthalates and animal products. They are rich in natural active ingredients and perform functions specifically wrinkle, cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing to return a perfect facial skin.

    Each time a different facial skin care

    The creams are not all equal, for each blemish and for every type of skin there is a more suitable facial cream. Choose carefully the right product to you carefully studying the characteristics, checking the specifications in detail and reading the insights of our Blog. For any information or concerns you can contact us toll 800.14.50.94., Our customer service or by sending an email to info@pserviceweb.com.

  • Treatments for face

    Facial treatments

  • Snail slime

    Cosmetics at a snail's drool on sale online

    Cosmetic on the basis of extract of snail drool Snail Secretion only for wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, acne, dry skin. The Snail Saliva is rich in mucopolysaccharides, which give the characteristic viscosity and film-forming properties, protective and moisturizing. It also contains glycolic acid (moisturizing) and allantoin (restorative and protective). Therefore finds applications in anti-aging products, restituivi and forming effect, effective in combating the expression lines.

    Affordable pricing for cosmetics at a snail's drool

    In our online store you can purchase full line of professional products for the beauty treatment of imperfections in the cabin and products for home care. The applications of these products are many and Limax guarantees the highest quality through a careful and innovative selection of raw materials, totally safe and certified. Special and unique products in the industry as the Snail Mask are the company's strengths which boasts extremely high effectiveness and penetration of the main active ingredient, ie the Snail Secretion only, obtained without using chemical substances, in order to achieve maximum effectiveness .

    And 'advisable to combine the products of Limax line with the smoothing cream to salicylic acid and purifying synergy in the purifying treatment of oily and acne-prone skin, and can be coupled to the radio frequency in the treatment of acne scars, stretch marks and deep wrinkles. Buy online and secure our cosmetics based on snail drool, we guarantee you quality made in Italy and a quick delivery service at reasonable prices. If you have questions about industruli paper rolls, please call our customer service toll free number 800145094 or send us an email to info@pserviceweb.com.