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    Sterilization of instruments is a fundamental action, necessary and mandatory for conducting any medical work in which there is potential for contact with mucous or blood. To this are used for electrical equipment as the autoclave or dry heat sterilizer or immersion in containers containing powders or liquids to also sterilize different materials from metal that does not resist to high temperatures. But how to maintain the sterility and / or disinfection of instruments in time? It is important to use equipment such as germicides steril box, practical to keep the disinfected instrument and ready for use immediately, or use the envelopes or rolls to contain sterilized instruments. A mistake often you do is to believe that threading the sterilized instrument in a self-sealing envelope allows it to maintain the sterility of the same. Envelopes or the roll are used to envelope the tools, after washing, thoroughly cleansed and dried, then sterilized in an autoclave directly packaged. Only then we can ensure sterility until use. This procedure is not mandatory for the aesthetic centers where in fact the autoclave is not superior to the "N" and therefore does not have the ability to sterilize wrapped instruments.

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    Equipment and products for the sterilization of instruments. Sterilization is a fundamental action for the elimination of any microorganism present on a tool of category 1, those instruments that go to contact with the blood. It should be distinguished from the disinfection which instead is able  to destroy only the pathogenic germs that are on the surface and for which, often, using disinfectant liquids ready to use based on quaternary ammonium salts (benzalkonium chloride), equipment to ultraviolet (UV) or ultrasonic cleaners. The best sterilization process is achieved using electrical equipment capable of generating high temperatures, see the autoclave or dry heat sterilizer, while for cold sterilize heat-sensitive or simple tools are used in basic solutions of glutaraldehyde or peracetic acid (peroxide hydrogen). Another very important factor to choose one method rather than another regards the conformation of the instrument in question; in fact more is porous or provided with cavities (such as needles) and will be subject to more nestings of pollutants germs. But the guarantee of sterilization has been not only relates to a product or an apparatus but it is included in a sterilization procedure that starts from the cleansing and decontamination of the instrument until its correct conservation. For more info. Buy online with confidence our professional products for sterilization, are all equipped with medical and surgical technical specifications and security. If you have concerns or questions please contact us at the toll free number 800145094 or send us an email to

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    Disinfectants, decontamination detergents and preservatives for tools and work surfaces.

    Here you can choose and buy online the most suitable detergent / disinfectant to your needs and the type of instrument or surface to be treated, wood, Plexiglas, marble, metal, plastic, etc. You can operate disinfection broad spectrum of work plans, detersioni and decontamination deep tools, storage of sterilized instruments, sanitation environments and disinfection of small objects. An excellent deep cleansing procedure and disinfectant for the instruments is the use of ultrasonic bath and the specific disinfectant. Action to be reckoned instead is the air sanitation in closed environments, in particular the disinfection of the filters of air conditioners that have a considerable reservoir of bacteria and mold, for which is used in a sanitizing spray.

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    Maintain sanitation of your environment and tools with our medical and surgical disinfection, decontamination and storage, you can acquire them at a favorable price advantage of our offers for quantity. For any information you can call us at the toll free number 800145094, contact us using the site contact form or send us an email to

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    Disinfectants and detergents for personal hygiene. A wide choice of disinfectants or protective to the skin, to meet the needs of all customers. You can buy online the pre-operating room soap, waterless sanitizer gel, protective glove or spray liquid disinfectant for occasional or everyday antisepsis of the body. Personal hygiene, especially of the hands, it is very important for all those jobs at risk of infection that require the use of sterile instruments or disposable, and in the process of sterilization of the instruments themselves. In fact in the correct sterilization procedure must disinfect well the plans and the labor camp, his own hands, and you need to wear protective clothing to avoid being infected by spores or bacteria and to prevent voiding the final result of the sterilization that remains a delicate process . Also disinfect your hands before and after each job, especially pedicure and / or manicure, you can prevent the most common diseases transmissions such as mycoses, herpes, intestinal viruses, fevers, pediculosis or otherwise. Protect yourself and you prevent purchasing with confidence our items for disinfection and personal hygiene, they are all presiodi surgical doctor accompanied by technical specifications and security. If you have concerns or questions please contact us at the toll free number 800145094 or send us an email to

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    Containers for sterilization and storage of instruments. At every stage of disinfection and sterilization is essential ultilizzare capacious and practical containers for storing tools. As the environment and the work plans, it is necessary to thoroughly disinfect also the containers both before and after use. For this reason it is best to always use steel pans or glass, quick and easy to clean, degrease and disinfect. For a good result it is also advisable to use of containers of at least 1/3 larger than the total content to be disinfected, so to give way to the product to act at best. Pans with lids can also be useful for storing instruments after sterilization. totally immersed in a liquid disinfectant / preservative long maintain unchanged the acquired infertility. Buy online our trays to steel price advantage advantage of our offers. For any information you can call us at the toll free number 800145094, contact us using the site contact form or send us an email to