The sterilization - equipment and products

Equipment and products for the sterilization of instruments. Sterilization is a fundamental action for the elimination of any microorganism present on a tool of category 1, those instruments that go to contact with the blood. It should be distinguished from the disinfection which instead is able  to destroy only the pathogenic germs that are on the surface and for which, often, using disinfectant liquids ready to use based on quaternary ammonium salts (benzalkonium chloride), equipment to ultraviolet (UV) or ultrasonic cleaners. The best sterilization process is achieved using electrical equipment capable of generating high temperatures, see the autoclave or dry heat sterilizer, while for cold sterilize heat-sensitive or simple tools are used in basic solutions of glutaraldehyde or peracetic acid (peroxide hydrogen). Another very important factor to choose one method rather than another regards the conformation of the instrument in question; in fact more is porous or provided with cavities (such as needles) and will be subject to more nestings of pollutants germs. But the guarantee of sterilization has been not only relates to a product or an apparatus but it is included in a sterilization procedure that starts from the cleansing and decontamination of the instrument until its correct conservation. For more info. Buy online with confidence our professional products for sterilization, are all equipped with medical and surgical technical specifications and security. If you have concerns or questions please contact us at the toll free number 800145094 or send us an email to

The sterilization - equipment and products


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The sterilization - equipment and products There are 20 products.
  • Aqueous disinfectant solution to be activated.Sterilization and high-level disinfection of heat-sensitive instruments. To employment when the activator is added in the appropriate proportion, containing glutaraldehyde.Bottle of 1 lt + activator. Presidio Medical surgical.The element considered essential to ensure a good germicidal activity is the presence...

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  • Dust of peracetic acid (active oxygen) acting disinfectant, detergent and sporicidal. For high-level disinfection and cold sterilization. Jar of 1kg. Medical  surgical.CITROMED OXYGEN (SANIDROX PLUS) is a powder active sufficient to provide cleaning solutions, and sporicidal disinfectant for medical devices such as surgical instruments, including the use...

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  • For cold sterilization, disinfection and storage of metal, rubber and plastic instruments. 1 liter bottle Description of Citrosteril Sterilferri - high level sterilization or disinfection Citrosil Sterilferri is a liquid based on Glutaraldehyde with a bactericidal, tubercolicidal, fungicidal and virucidal action. Also active on HIV and HBV. It is an...

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  • For the sterilization of all instruments metal. Temperature up to 235 ° C.

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  • For rapid sterilization of all instruments in metallo.Temperatura up to 235 ° C.

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  • Dry heat stove for the sterilization of all metal instruments. Description of the DRY HEAT STERILIZER This dry heat sterilizer, known as "fornetto" jargon, allows you to sterilize all metal tools and instruments with high temperatures without ruining their hardness, just like a Pasteur oven. Do not wring out any plastic material, so no brushes, combs,...

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    199,80 € 222,00 €
  • Class S autoclave suitable for the sterilization of unwrapped instruments, with 2 sterilization temperatures. No need for water connection. It 'a medical device class II A, in accordance with Article 15 (paragraph IX) of the European Directives 93/42 / EEC and has been produced in accordance with EN 13060. Features of autoclave "S" Diamond 12 lt The...

    1 719,90 € 1 911,00 €
  • Microspheres of quartz for the sterilization of instruments. For use with the special sterilizer. 

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  • Test for the proper functioning of an autoclave Description of the BOWIE + DICK TEST The Bowie and dick test verifies the correct penetration of saturated steam in the porous loads subjected to the class B cycle and in the enveloped packs subjected to cycles in class S.It is also able to check the presence, the quality of the steam, the temperature and...

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  • STERILIZATION TEST HELIX TEST conf. 50 stripsHelix test is a physical test to check the capacity of the steam penetration of hollow bodies. For testing, a standardized system is used and comply with the technical regulations currently in force. The test must be passed by all the autoclaves which declare the possibility of sterilization of hollow bodies...

    54,00 € 60,00 €
  • Strip indicator for accurate control of sterilization. Pack of 250 strips Sterilization indicator strips The indicators consist of 200 × 15 mm strips of paper on which the color change indicator necessary for the steam autoclave sterilization process is printed, in accordance with the requirements of standard EN 867.It is recommended to use an indicator...

    12,47 € 13,86 €
  • SUPPLEMENTS ORGANIC VAPOR LINE (250 pieces)Chemical tests for the validation of the sterilization cycle Suitable for all types of autoclave. Not 'required an interpretation of the color change color.If the integrator indicator and 'subjected to a proper sterilization cycle, the ink advances within a reading up to reach the green PASS window area. The...

    173,98 € 193,31 €
  • Sterility detector for dry heat sterilizers Description of the HOT AIR VERSIONS ROLLS Specifically formulated tape for the insertion and at the same time to visually show that the packaging has successfully completed the sterilization cycle in dry heat sterilizers.The coating of the different belts is made of particularly resistant impregnated paper,...

    19,20 € 21,33 €
  • Indicator tape for steam cycles, size 19 mm x 50 mt. The sterility indicators are chemical detectors that are used to indicate whether the object, the envelope or container where they are attached has undergone a sterilization process.They are usually used as a seal for containers used so as to also detect a previous eventual opening of the container...

    2,29 € 2,54 €
  • INDICATOR STEAM 3M ATTEST 1262Attest biological indicator in 1262 (brown cap)E 'it designed for the control of steam sterilization processes.The presence of Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores is detected by an evident change in color (the color of the culture broth turns to yellow). The yellow color indicates that the sterilization process was not...

    539,95 € 599,94 €
  • Container container for irons to be sterilized or disinfected Characteristics of the container for irons to sterilize small Suitable for treating sterilized instruments or cold sterilizing with peracetic acid based powder.The inside pan immerses and emerges automatically when the lid is closed or opened.Dimensions:- external 230x120mm x height 80mm-...

    12,60 € 14,00 €
  • Container for sterilizing or disinfecting irons Features Sterilization pan with closure This professional pan was designed for cold sterilization or the storage of sterilized irons. The inside pan immerses itself in the liquid and automatically emerges when the lid is closed or opened. This allows to drain and dry the dough at its opening.Dimensions:-...

    18,90 € 21,00 €
  • Class B chamber autoclave D = 200, with fractioned vacuum, suitable for the sterilization of free instruments and also packaged, equipped with 2 sterilization temperatures. No need for water attack. Description of the CLASS "B" Diamond autoclave The Diamond autoclave, thanks to the split vacuum, is able to sterilize the three types of load required by the...

    2 298,60 € 2 554,00 €
  • Small and rapid steam autoclave in Class B Description of the compact autoclave for instrument sterilization This new device is a small Class B steam autoclave (the highest class), compliant with European legislation on small sterilizers EN 13060 and classified as a class IIb medical device according to Directive 93/24 / EEC. The autoclave is able to...

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  • Dry heat sterilizer for the sterilization of all metal instruments. Description of TAU STERIL - DRY HEAT STERILIZER This is a hot air sterilizer called in jargon "dry stove or oven". It is an extremely solid and fully automated device capable of dry sterilizing objects, depriving them of any type of pathogenic germ, up to the most heat-resistant spores....

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