Mills and micromotors

Micromotors and Milling cutters for each type of work.

Mills and micromotors

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Mills and micromotors There are no products in this category


  • Micromotors

    Micromotors for pedicures, manicures and nail.

  • Diamond cutters

    Professional cutters

    Buy our professional diamond cutters, which can be disinfected and sterilized both with liquid products and in an autoclave.

    For dental technicians, podiatrists and nail technicians

    These cutters can be used for orthotic treatments, for removing incipient calluses or for opacifying nails, removing cuticles, etc ...

  • Tungsten carbide cutters

    Cutters for Professionals

    Buy our professional tungsten carbide cutters, disinfectable and sterilizable both with liquid products and in an autoclave.

    Cutters for large removals

    Equipped with a large aggressive toothing, they are suitable for large material removals, roughing but also for small finishing or precision corrections. Hyperkeratosis, hard calluses, smoothing of calluses, skin and nails, milling techniques.

  • Steel cutters

    Cutters for professional use

    Buy our professional steel cutters, disinfectable and sterilizable both with liquid products and in an autoclave.

    Cutters for precision work

    Thanks to their sharp and cutting teeth, they adapt to long-lasting precision and smoothing. Abrasion and removal of calluses, removal of excessive peringueal skin, smoothing of nails, working of plaster, resins and metals.

  • Fixed abrasive cutters

    Professional stone cutters

    Buy our professional fixed abrasive cutters, which can be disinfected and sterilized with anti-corrosive liquid products.

    Cutters for finishing

    These cutters are suitable for light and delicate abrasion of all surfaces. Suitable for smoothing calluses and for finishing skin and nails.

  • Caps and abrasive...

    Professional disposable burs

    Buy our caps and professional abrasive cylinders, for pedicure and manicure.

    Hygienic and functional

    This type of abrasive cutters are interchangeable with cap or cylinder. They are disposable products suitable for the abrasion of calluses and calluses but also for nails.

  • Polishing cutters

    Long-lasting professional cutters

    Buy our professional polishing burs, disinfectable and sterilizable both with liquid products and in an autoclave (do not exceed the temperature of 134 °).

    To finish your works

    Cutters suitable for modeling, finishing and mirror polishing. For polishing nails, ceramics and precious stones.

  • Spare parts for...

    Cutters with CLIP-ON connection for Maniquick

    Buy here the replacement drills for your Maniquick micromotor!

    Replace them quickly

    The clip-on cutters engage and release quickly from the Maniquick handpiece, speeding up your work.

  • Other cutters

    Nail cutters

    Buy our professional cutters for nail technicians.

    Cutters to start

    You can choose individual cutters for your manicure or buy the complete kit for nail reconstruction at an affordable price.