Paper for beds and solariums

Here you can find rolls for beds of all sizes and characteristics. We have the lenzuolino doctor  width 60 cm in 4 different versions: single-layer, thin and embossed doppiovelo, doppiovelo durable and embossed top quality and doppiovelo plasticized for use with sludge or products that threaten the integrity of the bed. Then there are the rolls produced specifically for solar lamps with heights and specific materials such as sheet set in TNT 80 cm wide, the plastic film 77 cm wide transparent sticker, that pure cellulose doppiovelo embossed 90 cm wide and one for the facial tanners mixed cellulose double wide veil only 45 cm. Be careful to choose the right fit for your bed roll, the measures may be different to the standard and, therefore, you may need a larger roll. The skai of beds is very sensitive to substances such as oils, solvents or creams so you'll want to cover it in the appropriate way also using other solutions more resistance than just fitted sheet of paper as cover beds or sheets in cartene. Buy online our rolls safely, we guarantee you quality made in Italy and a fast delivery service at reasonable prices. If you have questions or are not satisfied within 14 days of calling our customer service at the toll-free number or send us an email to, together solve any doubt or we'll refund.

Paper for beds and solariums There are 11 products.
  • Roll sheet for solarium lamps Description of the Roll sheet for trifacial and quadruple lamps Roll for solar lamps of height 45cm in pure cellulose. It is an excellent quality product, resistant and absorbent, and it is the ideal width to cover the back of the trifacial and / or control panel lamps on the market.Features:- height 46 cm- 2 embossed veils-...

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  • Medical sheet in rollers first quality Description of the pure cellulose bed sheet This medical sheet is the best quality 60 cm product on the market. It is composed of 2 100% pure cellulose plies worked with the toe system tip system that allows it to remain perfectly united while retaining its softness.Features:- width 60cm- 2 embossed veils- 100% pure...

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  • pure cellulose medical sheet for cots Description of the pure cellulose medical sheet This medical sheet is the most used roll from beauty centers and physiotherapy studies because it combines quality at the right price. In fact, despite being made of 2 pure cellulose veils, it has a very convenient cost. The lower cost compared to other sheets is due...

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  • Lenzuolino in roll width 84 cm for sunbed Description of the SOLARIUM LENZUOLINO, height 90 Very strong sheet ideal for sunbeds or massage tables wider than the standard size. It is of excellent quality and robustness.Features:- 84cm height- 2 embossed veils- pure cellulose- individually wrapped

    8,90 € 9,89 €
  • 60cm single bed sheet for cots Description of the single-sheet bed for cots Medical sheet with 1 veil, ideal for large surgeries and hospitals. It is a 100mt roll in pure cellulose with a really affordable price.Features:- height 60cm- 1 veil- pure cellulose- individually wrapped Sheet ideal for large consumption This roll for sunbeds is produced to...

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  • Width 60cm roller shelf for loungers, armchairs and work shelves Features of 60cm Waterproof Shelf This rolled paper roll has been designed to protect loungers, armchairs, workbenches or clients / patients, from splashing or dropping liquids. The waterproof liner is capable of both absorbing liquid substances and waterproofing the area on which it is...

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  • Roll Holder for massage table with universal connection Description of roll holder This paper holder chromed metal fits all feet in diameter beds younger than 5 cm, and supports all the bed sheets up to 110cm wide. Very practical, is fixed on the table legs by means of manual tightening knobs. The rod is extensible and is fixed from above by means of 2...

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  • Roll in foil cartene, altezza100cm length 400m double. Open becomes 200cm tall. 

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  • Self-adhesive plastic film trasparenteper sunbeds, h75cmx300mt measure. 

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  • Sturdy paper sheet to protect beds and working surfaces for the treatment and give your clients the complete hygiene. The absence of pre-cut allows you maximum performance with the mino waste. Description ROLL IN TNT GREEN Green TNT roll without precut. It is composed of a thin but very tear-resistant texture. It 'a paper sheet is suitable to protect...

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  • Medical sheet in roll, mixed cellulose Description of the cellulose medical sheet 60 cm high medical sheet that saves the environment. It is in fact produced from mixed cellulose fibers, new and recycled, which characterize the color tending to gray. Pack of 6pcs Features:- height 60cm- 2 embossed veils- mixed cellulose- individually wrapped...

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