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Tools for professional make-up and tattoo.

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  • Needles, cartridges...

    The sterile needles for tattoos

    Wide choice of tattoo needles, strictly sterilized with EO Gas. The needles for sale are 100% safe because they are produced in stainless steel, sterilized and individually wrapped for the maximum guarantee of safety and hygiene. They are available in both classic and high quality compatible cartridge versions. Great needles are needed for a great work of art.

    Comfortable grips for your tattoos

    Buy our comfortable disposable grips in various sizes, suitable for each use and handle, strictly sterile and individually wrapped. Rely on our professionalism and product quality, work safely with our hygiene devices and prefer disposable tools to ensure safety for your work and your customers. Our customer service is always available for any doubt or clarification on the toll-free number 800.14.50.94 and you always have the legal guarantee and the right of withdrawal for each purchase.

  • Ink Tattoo
  • Products and materials...
  • Machines and tattoo...
  • Hygienic supplies

    Products to tattoo safely

    We offer a wide range of specific products to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of your study and your work tools. Take care of your customers and tattoo with our preparatory products and products for the care and maintenance. Protect your artwork with the products, plasters and bandages suitable.

    Ensure the hygiene of your tattoo studio

    Buy our products for disinfection and strilizzazione and guarantee a high standard of hygiene in your work. If not enough, visit the hygiene and sterilization section where you'll find all the best products certified as medical surgical and equipment for heat sterilization. For further information about visiting the health and safety section of our blog or write to

  • Semi-permanent make-up

    Products for micropigmentation

    On pserviceweb we offer you the tools, equipment and specific products, keeping up with the Italian and European regulations, to make the most of micropigmentation. Dermografi, controllers, pigments, needles, protective equipment, products for the care and maintenance of the trick and finally the accessories making it easy for the work.

    semi-permanent make-up courses

    In addition to the indispensable tools we offer you our courses for permanent make-up with an updated training in the latest techniques and above all with the latest technology. Practice rich courses that will allow you immediately to safely deal with your work. To learn more visit our blog and contact us on

  • Furniture tattoo studio

    Furniture Made in Italy

    We sell only the best furnishings to set up your tattoo studio. Produced exclusively in Italy, they are distinguished by their robustness, the quality of fabrics and padding and for the paint resistance. Armchairs and multifunctional beds at most locations, stools, arm, screens, all made with black vinyl.

    The convenience anytime, anywhere

    Also out of the studio, in the convention or at home, you can enjoy the convenience of our portable folding stools, equipped with armrests. Rely on our professionalism, we guarantee with every purchase assistance and efficiency. You'll always have the chance to avail of the right of withdrawal and of our customer service toll free number 800.14.50.94

  • Tattoo care products

    Tattoo Care Products

    In this category is available our selection of products for skin hygiene first and for tattoo care at the end of work and at home. They are fundamental products for a good job, therefore essential for every professional tattoo artist and every client.

    Don't wait, try our tattoo care products now

    Most of these products such as protective creams, Vaseline, grren soap, etc. , are selected by choosing between certified Italian and European companies, therefore quality and usability are guaranteed from the point of view of health.

  • Body Piercing

    Here you will find all the tools and products necessary for the execution of a correct and safe piercing. You can choose to buy disposable pliers that make your piercer work faster and safer or steel tools that, with the necessary sterilization procedures, allow you to perform particular piercing jobs with extreme precision and firmness. In addition, you will find the fundamental products for disinfection and self-care specific to allow your client to effectively treat their piercing.