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SNAIL MASK - mask in cream concentrated Snail Slime



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Mask softening in the extract cream of snail slime. Recommended for all skin types, especially chapped, delicate and sensitive.

Features of the mask to the slime snail Limax

Soft mask natural base cream rich in assets including: Snail Slime, Glycyrrhetic acid, pure extracts of Aloe vera and Calendula that give the major product soothing, softening, moisturizing. Its strong predisposition anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties make it a key product treatments against inflammation generated by acne and dry skin.

Indicated for all skin types even for the most sensitive.

This product does NOT contain parabens, PEG and antimicrobials, for this is listed as NATURAL COSMETIC.

cosmetico naturale

It can be used with extreme tranquility on any skin type, this is a natural product does not have allergic reactions, and already the first applications erases signs of fatigue, making the skin smooth.

220ml tube

CONCENTRATED of OF SNAIL - Snail secretion tips

This full mask limax line-based snail slime: high-performance ingredient from the many properties: moisturizing, protective, purifying, soothing. The line boasts a cream with a very high percentage of Bava snail: 50%. Despite the wealth the texture of the product into active and very lightweight this characteristic makes the product suitable for all skin types.

The Snail Saliva is rich in mucopolysaccharides, which give the characteristic viscosity and film-forming properties, protective and moisturizing. Thanks to the content of many active substances can do many beneficial effects for the skin, including: nutrient, exfoliating, regenerating, antioxidant, purifying, hydrating

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Active principles and INCI

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How to use

In the cabin:


- Carry out a preparatory cleansing of the face of the customer with the Snail milk.

- Run with the Smoothing Cream for sensitive skin, a gentle rotary massage on face, neck and décolleté. Remove residue with warm water and sponges.

- Apply the Snail Gel widely concentrating mainly on the areas of greatest interest (wrinkles, scars, blemishes, etc.) and perform a stimulating massage or patting connective tissue.

- Apply the Snail Mask extending an adequate amount of product on the affected areas, massaging gently. Leave on for 15 minutes. The special formulation allows to buffer the excess with a tissue and massage the remaining product with dispersion movements. Remove residue with warm water and sponges.

- Finish by applying the Snail Cream with a touch massage until complete penetration stretching the muscles of the face and décolleté.


Serving Suggestions

The treatment in the cabin can be combined with aesthetic equipment such as electrical stimulator, the electroporator, the high frequency.

More details


> THE SNAIL (snail secretion filtered)
The Snail Saliva is made from "Helix aspersa" (spiral) for food use. The secretion is collected and filtered in two stages, the first roughing and the second polishing.
No dilution or chemical interventions are made.
The Snail Saliva is rich in mucopolysaccharides, which give the characteristic viscosity and film-forming properties, protective and moisturizing. It also contains glycolic acid (moisturizing) and allantoin (restorative and protective). Therefore finds applications in anti-aging products, restituivi and forming effect, effective in combating the expression lines.
> ACID GLYCYRRHETIC (Glycyrrhetinic acid)
Beta-Glycyrrhetic acid, extracted from licorice has significant anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Considered a "natural steroid" the Glycyrrhetic acid inhibits phospholipase A2 and the production of free radicals, preventing at least two fundamental mechanisms of inflammation and making it a powerful anti-inflammatory.

> ALOE VERA (Aloe barbadensis Miller)
The aloe vera, introduced in cosmetics, has a vulnerary function, anti-inflammatory, protector of sores, abrasions, minor cuts, burns (including solar) radiation burns, insect bites, and any form of irritation of the skin. Glycolic extract is particularly suitable in the preparation of emulsions, lotions or gels giving a good shielding power on radiation eritematogene of 'ultraviolet B Apart from the filtering action of the Aloe extract has a positive soothing and healing function for which can also be used in products for chapped skin.
> EXTRACT GLYCOLIC marigold (Calendula officinalis extract)
Asteracea of ​​primary interest for cosmetics. Its extract contains flavonoids, saponins, oleanolic acid, mucilage. And 'particularly suitable for the treatment of delicate and sensitive skin.

Caprylic / capric triglyceride
Snail secretion tips
Helianthus annuus seed oil
Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil
cetyl alcohol
glyceryl stearate
Candelilla / Jojoba / rice bran POLYGLYCERYL esters -3-
glycyrrhetinic acid
Calendula officinalis flower extract
Aloe barbadensis leaf extract
tocopheryl acetate
Sodium stearoyl lactylate
cetearyl alcohol
xanthan gum
Fragrance / parfum
Benzyl alcohol
Dehydroacetic acid


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