“Ai sensi delle Nuove Linee guida del Ministero della Salute del 28/03/2013, relative alla pubblicità sanitaria concernente i dispositivi medici, si avvisa l’utente che le informazioni ivi contenute sono esclusivamente rivolte agli operatori professionali”

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The medical device of Magnetotherapy MG4S is a device designed to generate a pulsed electromagnetic field at low frequency to apply to the patient by means of solenoids of different shape. The different forms of the solenoids have been studied and realized to better adapt to different body regions of the patient to be subjected to treatment, to optimize treatment and limit the dispersion of the magnetic field. The device allows to select the technical parameters which determine the characteristics of the electrical signal, the type of square wave, that sent to the solenoid will generate the magnetic field. Particular innovative of this device is the possibility to select the automatic issue of the electromagnetic field with a frequency varying from a minimum value of 15 Hz to a maximum of 200 Hz; excluding the possibility of automation, the operator can select a precise value of the frequency to be held for the duration of the treatment. Other selectable parameter is the output mode of the magnetic field, can be between a continuous or rhythmic (intermittent emission of the field magnetic). The power supply is adjustable between 0 and 100 Gauss and its value is displayed through three displays. The four outputs allow connection of many solenoids to allow the operator to treat a patient completely affecting most districts. The device It is supplied complete with four solenoids oval with measures 25 x 15 cm. Sizes and shapes of solenoids are available as an option for cervical solenoid, solenoid for the hip, solenoid for the column, circle back. Magnetic therapy is particularly effective in the stimulation of osteogenesis for the treatment of pathologies such as nonunions, pseudarthrosis, recent fractures, osteoporosis, Sudeck's disease. The process of callus formation starts through a lively production and a subsequent deposition of collagen fibers.

Certified medical device for use only by qualified personnel.

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The low-frequency magnetotherapy consists in applying, by means of a crossed by an electric current button (that is composed exclusively of half-waves of the same sign), an electromagnetic field. Its action takes place at the cellular level, creating a micro inside each cell that facilitates the elimination of metabolic wastes, it is useful as part of a large series, especially where the tissues are more rich in water. In particular, the magnet is used, for the treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis, asthma, muscular atrophy, headaches, sprains, fractures, osteoarthropathy and prostatitis.

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