“Ai sensi delle Nuove Linee guida del Ministero della Salute del 28/03/2013, relative alla pubblicità sanitaria concernente i dispositivi medici, si avvisa l’utente che le informazioni ivi contenute sono esclusivamente rivolte agli operatori professionali”

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The Medical Device Electrotherapy ELT1, innovative design and functionality, is designed complete with biphasic waveforms. Recent clinical evaluations would detect the fact that biphasic waveforms turn out to be more effective in achieving therapeutic success than forms 'classic unidirectional wave. In order to offer a practical optimum work the device is also equipped with two completely independent channels that allow the operator to take multiple methods of treatment; the working parameters of simple setting and clearly displayed finally give an intuitive ease of use to the device. The waveforms are selectable unidirectional classic: Faradic, Exponential, Quadra, Iontophoresis, Diadynamic automatic, TENS, for stimulation currents is You can set the pulse and pause time, while for the current analgesic tens you can adjust the frequency value; The biphasic waveforms are selectable: Faradic compensated Quadra compensated, Kotz, TENS compensated; this type of currents are particularly suitable in the neuromuscular electrical stimulation as the compensation of the average value of the current is such that less annoying and therefore more effective patient treatment elettroterapico. The device is equipped with all necessary protections for the protection of patient safety and the therapist, the use of such securities due to technical or operational cause blockage in power supply and activation of an audible signal. The unique ergonomic design of the device ensures even protracted, a high level of quality and elegance. The device is constructed in such a way as to ensure the highest operational quality and of course fully respects safety standards IEC 601-1 and arrangements. The electrical currents cause significant biological effects; these are affected by the parameters of the current used. The main events caused by the passage of electric current through human tissue are: the chemical effect, vasodilation, the excitomotor effect, the analgesic effect and the thermal effect.

Certified medical device for use only by qualified personnel.

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The Company ELETTROMED Srl began as a manufacturer of medical devices for physiotherapy distinguishing itself in the market for the ability to offer devices safe, reliable and with an excellent quality / price ratio. The careful selection of suppliers over time has allowed us to obtain from the market products and medical accessories and reliable quality, which joined the Medical Device products allow us to ensure the ability to offer the customer any product required for a medical office physiotherapy. The commitment and attention poured into the search for new technologies and therapeutic techniques allowed us both to make improvements to Medical Devices Physiotherapy traditional design new innovative medical devices such as CrioUltrasuonoterapia . In the course of his now twenty years , now Elettromed Srl was notable for the service of technical assistance of medical devices offered to its customers. The implementation in the company of a System of Quality Management recognized requirements of the standard UNI EN ISO 13485 by the Certification DNV allows us to ensure that the product placed on the market was created and controlled with high quality standards.

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