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The Diathermy contact model CR2 is a medical device that allows to carry out a CAPACITIVE ENERGY TRANSFER RESISTIVE and to the tissues by means of an electromagnetic field generated at a frequency of 460 KHz. The application  appears to be highly selective since only the portion of the body that It closes the electric circuit is affected by the electromagnetic alternating field generated. The alternating electromagnetic field attracts and repels, with an alternation of 460,000 times per second, the free electric charges, in the form of ions, present in every biological substrate. The application of the current High frequency allows then to generate from within the affected tissue, flows of natural electric charges technically called "displacement currents". The result of applying diathermy is uniform heating, both superficial and deep within the body segment Treaty It induces hyperemia which persists even after treatment leaving a pleasant feeling of warmth homogeneous. The hyperemia brings oxygen to the tissues by inducing a deep and widespread vascularization re endocellular metabolic levels. The treatment technique involves the use of a steel plate to maintain applied to the skin of the patient and a second electrode that circulate the health operator, by means of a handpiece, he must constantly move with a slight rotary movement around the point of treatment. The circular electrode is provided in two different types to choose from depending on the pathology to be treated: the steel electrode coated with insulating material allows to exert the treatment capacitively affecting the soft tissues such as muscle, lymph vessels, etc; while a stainless steel electrode coating can exert treatment so resistive involving tissues in greater strength such as bone, cartilage, large tendons.

Certified medical device for use only by qualified personnel.

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According to studies, diathermy solves the biological damage of forms of chronic disease characterized by degeneration and fibrosis. The fibrous scar tissue resulting from the biological damage is revascularized through the increase of the internal temperature up to 41 ° C, with the restoration of proper metabolism via displacement currents that produce three types of effects: Biochemical: balances the disorder of the enzyme and accelerates cell drawing oxygen-rich blood, speeding up and facilitating the flow from the peripheral areas not affected by cellulite. heat: joule effect produced by the displacement currents, it induces an endotherm deep and homogeneously diffused by heating in a uniform manner and targeted the affected area without overheating the outer part; Mechanical: increasing the speed of fluid flow, stasis emolinfatica drains and tones the vascular walls.

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