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Professional digital facial vaporizer, ideal for deep facial cleansing treatments, including stand.

Characteristics of the DIGITAL GROUND VAPORIZER

This vaporizer is equipped with a digital control panel and a swivel arm to deliver the steam jet in the right direction. It is equipped with an external boiler equipped with an electronic thermostat. The internal thermostat is equipped with a self-extinguishing system in the absence of water. The power buttons for vaporization and ozone are digital.

Dimensions: Base Ø 55 cm - Arm 40 cm

750W power

Power supply 220 V -50 / 6a HZ

White color

Functionality of vaporization

The aim of the steam is to speed up the elimination of "dead" cells.

The vapor generated by the vaporizer, in fact, acts at the level of the thorny layer of the epidermis and, when it reaches the skin, transfers heat by charging the keratinized cells of water in order to detach them from the rest of the epidermis. At this point, by applying a light mechanical peeling, "dead" cells can be easily eliminated. A good exfoliation helps to "uncork" the pores containing sebum and, consequently, facilitates the squeezing and facilitates the reabsorption of the functional substances of the cosmetics applied later.

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